[Nanyang Textile and Apparel Industry Association was established]
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On the morning of September 10, the Joang Textile and Apparel Industry Association was held in Xinye Textile Co., Ltd. in Xinye Textile Co., Ltd., in the city. The establishment of the association marks a new stage of the textile and apparel industry in our city.

The General Assembly informed the preparations for the Municipal Textile and Apparel Industry Association, passed the "Nanyang Textile and Apparel Industry Association", and elections identified members of the president, the Secretary-General, the Council, the Board of Board.

In recent years, the development of textile and apparel industries in our city has rapidly developed rapidly, production scale, technical content, and gradually upgrading product grade, and exports greatly increased. At present, more than 120 textile and garment enterprises in our city have formed industrial chains and industry systems integrated with integrated cotton, purchase, woven, weave, fabric, and clothing. The main business income is more than 1.8 billion yuan. The important pillar industry in the development of the national economy.

The Municipal Textile and Apparel Industry Association will play the role of bridge bonds between enterprises and governments, focus on textile and garment processing industries, the development needs of enterprises, for the difficult problem of enterprise development, for companies want to think, to find out the road, for government functions The department has planned, and the advice of the department, promoting the healthy rapid development of the industrial chain of the city's textile and apparel industry.

To the transformation and upgrading, the old industry broke out of the new world. Last year, Yuxi County's textile industry output value exceeded 20 billion yuan, stabilized to sit in Yuxi's first largest industry. The output value of 1.19 billion yuan this year, the development momentum is still strong.

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