[The production end of textile industry continues to be hot after the Spring Festival]
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Polyester raw material prices rose

Under the joint efforts of upstream and downstream, polyester raw materials have risen in price across the board in the last week.

In terms of PX, as of April 5, the average price of PX in Asia was US $1060.22 / ton CFR China and US $1037.22 / ton FOB South Korea, a month-on-month increase of US $25.32 / ton, or 2.45%.

In terms of PTA, many sets of devices have been stopped for maintenance recently, and the probability of device opening has come to 77.16%, the inventory situation has been eased, and the factors of crude oil price increase have been added, PTA futures once again broke through 6000 points, and the spot price has also exceeded 6000 yuan/ton, an increase of more than 100 yuan/ton.

In terms of polyester filament, the cost side is relatively strong by the impact of crude oil prices, the sales side is running smoothly, the recent price has risen slightly, and the overall increase is 100-150 yuan/ton.

In 2024, the domestic textile consumer market will continue to highlight, and explosive products such as Chinese wind, sunscreen clothing, tent cloth will emerge in an endless stream, stimulating the rapid growth of the end consumer market; Overseas exports have also recovered strongly, especially to emerging economies and countries jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative. The joint efforts of textile markets at home and abroad have caused the continuous hot production end of the textile industry after the Spring Festival. At this time, crude oil began to rise continuously, and it is not surprising that polyester raw material prices rose across the board.

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