[Why can polypropylene high strength filament be seen everywhere?]
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Polypropylene high-strength yarn is a popular product in the polypropylene family, and its wide range of applications makes other family members leave behind, what kind of advantages does it have, so that polypropylene high-strength filament can be seen everywhere? Here's the answer.

Polypropylene high-strength yarn can be widely used in the luggage webbing market. It has good advantages of high strength, anti-aging, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and its relatively light weight, is widely used in woven geotextiles, packaging bags and fire hoses, safety belts and other fields, can completely replace polyester new chemical fiber materials. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, environmental protection and food industries, and has good non-absorbent and stable performance. Is worth your purchase of a single new chemical fiber products.

After understanding the advantages of polypropylene high-strength yarn, we must all feel that polypropylene high-strength yarn has become a popular product in the polypropylene family is well-deserved, and the current market prospects of polypropylene high-strength yarn are good, looking forward to better performance.

Polypropylene high-strength yarn: specifications; 200D-3000D(various colors can be customized according to customer needs). High strength polypropylene fiber raw material; PP. Advantages of high strength polypropylene filament: low specific gravity, light weight, acid and alkali resistance, moth resistance, easy cleaning, anti-aging, small thermal shrinkage, high strength and high tensile strength and impact resistance. High-strength polypropylene filament uses: sling, safety belt, fire hose, conveyor belt, filter cloth, carpet base, decorative cloth, fishing net, geotextile, wire, round strand rope, optical cable, industrial sewing thread, Marine cable and other industrial high-strength polypropylene filament.

The polypropylene high-strength filament produced by our company has a good anti-aging ability, and it is not easy to aging after a long time of use. At the same time, the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of our products are also very good, from another point of view, its service life is very long.

The high strength polypropylene fiber produced by our company is relatively light in quality and has a very wide range of applications, mainly in packaging bags, fire water bags, bags and other industries. Our company's product is very environmentally friendly, will not produce any harmful substances to the human body and the environment, is a new type of chemical fiber material, and it is also your very assured choice.

Changzhou Juntai Chemical Fiber Products Co., LTD., the main products are: polypropylene high strength yarn, polypropylene polypropylene, polypropylene air variable yarn, polyester air variable yarn, nylon air variable yarn, carpet, lawn, base cloth and gauze rob, the company has a strong technical team and perfect service team.

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