[Textile enterprises all over the country resumed work and production smoothly]
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Pure cotton yarn: At present, the group is running normally, 100% opening rate, production and sales rate is more than 100%, and the number of stocks continues to decline. Although the yarn price rose by an average of about 500 yuan after the festival, the spot price of cotton also rose, the immediate production cost increased, and the financial pressure was greater. The objective analysis of the subsequent market expected trend is good, but from the customer feedback, the actual orders after the cloth factory are not many, and the sustainability of sales is uncertain.

Vortex spinning: After the Spring Festival, the full load started, the yarn sales are basically normal, the price is stable, and there is no sign of order recovery. Downstream customers use raw materials to stock up before the festival, the new purchase of yarn orders are not many, and feedback after the festival new orders are still insufficient, chemical fiber fabric orders have picked up slightly, and the market demand remains to be seen.

Color spinning yarn: the enterprise reaction of the current market of color spinning yarn is general, production and sales balance, there is no big change, ring spinning market is still weak, vortex spinning yarn market is better. The upcoming peak season of "gold, silver and silver four" will boost confidence, and the key is also to boost downstream demand and domestic consumption.

Differential yarn: the enterprise resumed work smoothly, the start-up situation was better, the opening rate was nearly 90%, and the production was still dominated by the completion of the previous year's orders, and the orders could be maintained until the end of March, and the new orders were less after the year. At present, the industry competition is more fierce, product prices have not changed significantly, and the profitability of enterprises has declined. For the traditional peak season market in March, enterprises are cautious.

Polyester yarn: the current enterprise smoothly resumed work, the opening rate is about 80%, after the polyester staple fiber raw material prices fell high and yarn prices are relatively strong, the company's pre-holiday orders are currently delivered, the new order is not much, as the downstream resume speed up, trading will gradually follow up. Product inventory has not changed significantly compared to the previous year. The traditional peak season in March is approaching, and enterprises are cautiously optimistic about the future market.

Viscose yarn: At present, enterprises have resumed normal work and production, full load, and there is a shortage of workers. Enterprises are mainly uncompleted orders before the holiday, and there are sporadic new orders. Raw material prices have risen compared with the previous year, product prices have risen, product profitability has risen, but the actual transaction is not much, product inventory has not increased significantly. Enterprises are more optimistic about the short-term market.

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