[Why Polyester factory promotion?]
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Why Polyester factory promotion?

Recently, polyester factories are facing more serious inventory pressure.

After the Spring Festival holiday, the overall production and sales performance of polyester is general, and polyester factories are facing greater inventory pressure. With the restart of the pre-parking device, the domestic polyester industry started a steady rise in load. The domestic polyester industry load was 87.48%, up 3.37 percentage points from the same period last year, at a normal high level.

However, the price of polyester products fell in the early stage, and the situation of polyester production and operation also had a worsening trend. Last week, the domestic production of polyester filament POY, polyester filament FDY have once again appeared losses, and the losses in other polyester fields have also expanded. In addition to the deterioration of business conditions, the recent polyester filament stock has also risen significantly, which indicates that the terminal stocking has begun to weaken. As of March 21, polyester filament POY inventory was 31.7 days, up 13.1 days from the same period last year; Polyester filament DTY inventory was 28.7 days, up 3 days from the same period last year: polyester filament FDY inventory was 26.5 days, up 6.7 days from the same period last year.

Terminal weaving has now got rid of the impact of the Spring Festival holiday and the delayed return of workers to work due to weather factors after the holiday, and the current load reached 83%, an increase of 10 percentage points over the same period last year. At present, there is a certain divergence in terminal orders, which is reflected in the recovery of foreign trade orders, the weakness of domestic demand orders, the maintenance of most factory orders, the absence of order backlog, and the general enthusiasm for purchasing in the market.

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