[Polyester chemical fiber industry or change the trend of updating equipment]
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In terms of promoting the development of pilot innovation in the manufacturing industry, the notice has clarified four directions:

First, select and sort out the excellent scenes of the pilot test.

For the refining of key needs in the pilot process, select a batch of pilot pilot excellent scenarios with high technical level and promotion value, drive breakthroughs in a batch of key technologies, processes, products, standards and solutions, dig a batch of pilot service typical models, explore the formation of pilot pilot innovation and development paths with industry characteristics, and provide reference guidance for enterprises to improve pilot pilot capabilities.

Second, layout and construction of pilot platform.

To investigate and sort out the construction mode of pilot platform, pilot capacity reserve and public service demand, prepare the implementation guide for the construction of pilot platform in manufacturing industry, and lay out and build a number of high-level pilot platform. Select a group of major pilot projects with strong industry driving force, strengthen investment support, and promote industrial innovation and technology iteration. Cultivate a number of excellent pilot public service platforms, and promote advanced typical experience.

Third, improve the support capacity for pilot development.

Strengthen the coordination of pilot standards, and promote the establishment of manufacturing pilot standardization working groups. We will develop guidelines for the construction of manufacturing pilot standard systems, establish and improve pilot standard systems, and publish a number of key standards. Promote the establishment of pilot development promotion organizations, guide the forces of industry, university, research and other parties to deeply participate in policy development and decision-making consultation, carry out common technology research, industry standards formulation, and innovative methods research, support and drive communication, exchange and cooperation between industries, and gather joint efforts for pilot development.

Fourth, optimize the pilot project management mechanism.

Formulate construction and management norms for pilot chemical projects, guide local governments to standardize the landing process of pilot chemical projects, strengthen in-process and post-event supervision, moderately inclusive approval of safety assessment and environmental impact assessment of pilot chemical projects, and solve difficulties such as difficult approval and long cycle of pilot chemical projects.

The circular requires that all localities should formulate supporting policies and incentive measures, make full use of various policy channels, and provide funds, land, talents, and financial guarantees for quality improvement, pilot development, and brand building. We will guide and promote diversified input, and encourage financial and private capital to increase support.

Recently, the Vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that it will focus on key industries such as petrochemicals, steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, machinery, automobiles, light industry, textiles, and electronics, and comprehensively promote equipment renewal and technological transformation. By 2027, we will strive to achieve an increase of more than 25% in the scale of equipment investment in the industrial field compared with 2023.

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