[Textile Future Technology Research Center held a textile industry report]
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September 14, 2021, Vice President of China Textile Industry Association, Party Secretary of China Textile Engineering Society, President of China Industry Textile Industry Association, Dr. Li Ling Shen, director of China Textile Talent Exchange Center, was invited to come to our school, facing school textile The future technical research center teachers and students have issued a report entitled "Science and Technology Innovation to Help my country Textile Industry High Quality Development". The report was hosted by Liu Yi, vice president.

Before the report meeting, Chen Yi, deputy principal, and vice president, Liu Yi met, Vice President Li Ling Shen, and exchanged discussion on the development of our school's textile discipline and the construction of textile future technology research centers.

Deputy President Li Ling Shen surrounded my country's textile technology and technology textile innovation, "14th Five-Year Plan" and other content of my country's textile technology development challenges and other contents have launched a wonderful explanation. In the report, he highly praised the exploration of our Textile Future Technology Research Center in advanced nonwoven materials, advanced textile composites, advanced fibrous materials, modern textile technology, textile intelligent manufacturing technology, etc. He encourages teachers and students from the Textile Future Technology Research Center to face the future, aiming at the forefront of the textile field in the future, revolutionary, subversion technology development; intended to integrate, cultivate a batch of cross-science and future technology in the textile front Original results of a major impact; to integrate scientific research, strengthen scientific research and education, and explore the effective model of the training of future textile technology leaders in the textile institutions. The Vice President of Li Ling Shen also answered questions from teachers and students on the spot.

The report will be praised by the center teachers and students, everyone feels benefiting. This event is the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" opening of the school to practice discipline integration, focusing on the focus of the focus of the industry, and implement an important exchange activity in the "Tagged China University Office" concept. Our University Textile Future Technology Research Center was established in July 2020 and is committed to exploring the new era of "double-first-class" construction and management model. In order to achieve the "two-year hundred years" struggle, high-quality training talents, high-quality training talents, High standards to create a large scientific platform, high-level output subversive innovative technology, high efficiency transformation forward-looking scientific research results.

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