[Which process technology is suitable for producing polypropylene high-strength yarn?]
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Today, I will mainly introduce the main production process of polypropylene high-strength yarn, and answer the questions about its process technology selection!

There are two process routes for producing polypropylene high-strength yarns, namely, a two-step method in which spinning and drawing are carried out on two equipment, and a one-step method in which spinning and drawing are carried out continuously on the same equipment. The one-step method has short-course spinning and FDY production lines, and it is divided into horizontal and vertical processes. Generally speaking, in the one-step method, compared with the horizontal type, the vertical type has the advantages of high spinning and winding speed, and cheaper tape-grade polypropylene can be used as the raw material, while the horizontal type generally uses fiber-grade polypropylene chips. As raw materials, the cost is relatively high. The two-step method has two types: horizontal cluster stretching and vertical single-spindle stretching.

The one-step method and the two-step method have their own strengths. The two-step method is a more mature traditional technology. Because of its large number of spindles, more operators, and high production costs, in addition, the winding pipe is small, the pipe consumption is too large, and the recycling and transportation is troublesome. However, the two-step process The two-stage processing can reach the best requirements, so as to obtain continuous and stable high-quality tow products, which is especially suitable for the production of ultra-high-strength yarns. The one-step method saves manpower and labor intensity due to less waste silk, and has high production efficiency. The equipment has the advantages of small area and energy saving. Therefore, it is widely used in the production of polypropylene industrial yarns, mainly polypropylene normal-strength yarns and medium-strength yarns. It is an advanced technology with promising development.

The above content is shared for your reference when producing polypropylene high-strength yarns in the future!

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