[The main factors affecting the strength of polypropylene high-strength yarn]
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The main factors that affect the strength of polypropylene high-strength yarns are the melting index of the raw material, the stretching ratio and the stretching speed.

Among them, the draw ratio contributes the most to the strength of polypropylene high-strength yarns.

Therefore, if the strength of high-strength polypropylene fiber is increased, a variety of ways can be used. At a certain spinning temperature, when the melting number of the raw material is low, the higher the strength can be achieved under the condition of a low draw ratio. The higher the melt index, the larger the stretching ratio is needed to reach a certain strength. For the same raw material, you can adjust the draw ratio, spinning speed, spinning temperature, side blowing air temperature and wind speed, etc., so that the finished product can reach the required strength. Through the reasonable coordination of process parameters, high-strength polypropylene high-strength yarns with high strength and good quality can be produced.

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