[Textile market order delivery time urgent labor contradictions appear]
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The Spring Festival is approaching, and the plan for the Spring Festival travel has also been released.

According to official forecasts, the cross-regional flow of people across the whole society will hit a record high during the Spring Festival travel rush in 2024. The flow of family visits, students, migrant workers and tourists all increased.

It can be seen that the employment contradictions in various industries will become increasingly prominent. In this regard, we have carried out relevant research.

Employment contradictions appear

From the end of December to the beginning of January, there was a wave of carry-over in the textile market that actually brought in a lot of new orders. While most orders are still small, they are substantial, with some textile companies simply postponing holidays or even announcing a series of incentives.

After entering the middle of January, textile enterprises have determined the Spring Festival holiday time. From the market feedback, the holiday time of textile related enterprises is generally concentrated in late January to early February, but employees in remote areas have returned home in advance.

A domestic sales enterprise: "We still have the last wave of orders in the Wuhan market to complete, and we plan to have a holiday in early February." There weren't many people in the company. They were all on duty."

A trader: "Our order situation is good, near the end of the year, many years ago orders need to be completed." If it's a holiday, maybe a week or two before that."

A spring textile enterprise: "We are currently full of machinery, ready to do before the year, the holiday time is similar to previous years."

A printing and dyeing company: "We have not determined the holiday time, it is still quite busy, some workers (Yunnan, Guizhou and other places) return home in advance, there is a gap in employment."

The "rush for workers" before the Spring Festival is undoubtedly a major test for textile enterprises, and the mood of employees eager to return home will make the labor problem more and more prominent before the festival, directly affecting the production and operation of enterprises.

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