[Downstream demand has not changed much and enthusiasm for transactions is not high]
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Last week, the domestic raw silk market continued to close down, the overall market market gradually into the end of the year, there are not many customers involved, less transactions, the year-end atmosphere is cold, on the whole, production and sales are becoming cold, and the price has continued to narrow around 500,000 since nearly half a month. On the spot market, the downstream demand has not changed much, the transaction enthusiasm is not high, the focus is on inquiry, the prices of the main producing areas are mostly temporarily stable, and some minor adjustments are mainly made.

Last Thursday, the national cocoon silk Office raw silk collection and storage policy was introduced, so that the original trend of the depressed market immediately improved and stopped falling. In terms of high-quality raw silk, from Monday to Thursday, the volume was general, and under the stimulus of the purchase and storage policy, the number of transactions on Friday increased, some silk factories were hesitant and cautious in the early stage, and the enthusiasm for taking goods on Friday increased, and the transaction price of some units rose.

In the second half of the year, cocoon production in Guangxi is nearing an end, and it is about to enter the winter mulberry garden management and protection period. On the spot, the situation is also calm.

Weaving on the whole consumption off-season, mainly fixed demand, limited new demand, with the use of the main collection, replenishment is not concentrated. In the main export market, India is still in the Diwali holiday period this week, the inquiry is light, the domestic market also reflects calm, silk prices have risen, but the price of silk has become more difficult to increase. At present, the "gold nine silver ten" stocking season has basically passed, and domestic sales are in the double eleven and double twelve consumption season, and fabrics such as fragrant gauze with heavy M meters have performed better in the near future.

At present, the spot market is stable and strong, under the influence of the purchase and storage news, the spot price of cocoon silk across the country has increased slightly, but the downstream pre-festival stock is coming to an end, procurement demand is declining, more inquiries are cautious about procurement, slowing down the pace of procurement, and the number of market transactions is declining. In the short term, the overall trend of raw silk is mainly stable, and it is expected that domestic demand will be limited at this stage.

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