[The application range of polypropylene high strength filament is very wide!]
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Polypropylene high strength yarn is a product produced by our manufacturer. The application range of polypropylene high strength wire is very wide, and it can be made into some other products we need. Let's introduce its application in detail.

Application of high strength polypropylene filament

1, used in thread: polypropylene wire made of high strength polypropylene fiber, because of its low price, high strength, anti-aging, wear resistance, seawater corrosion resistance, good elasticity and other characteristics, mainly used in sewing cement bags, fertilizer bags, plastic woven bags, fishing net weaving and other industries.

2, used in rope mesh: rope rope made of polypropylene high strength yarn and construction, traffic, agriculture, fishing, sports nets, its high breaking strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light safety.

3. Applied to belt: Using the characteristics of high strength, light weight and high breaking strength of high strength polypropylene fiber wire, it can be made into flexible container bags and safety belts with higher safety coefficient requirements.

4, used in cloth: with polypropylene high strength yarn woven geotextiles, suitable for highways, railways, airports, seawall, canals, reservoirs, harbours and Bridges and other engineering projects, with no disconnection, building cofferdam, dam drainage and fast speed, high efficiency, input province, good quality and other advantages.

The above content is our polypropylene high strength yarn manufacturer to introduce you to the application of polypropylene high strength wire in various aspects. I hope our introduction will be helpful to your purchase and use. If you want to know more product information, continue to pay attention to our website, we will continue to update the product knowledge.

Our production of high strength polypropylene fiber wire quality is relatively light, a very wide range of applications, mainly in packaging bags, fire water bags, bags and other industries. The product of our company is very environmentally friendly, and will not produce any harmful substances to the human body and the environment. It is a new type of chemical fiber material, and it is also your very assured choice.

Changzhou Juntai Chemical Fiber Products Co., LTD., the main products are: polypropylene high strength yarn, polypropylene polypropylene general strong yarn, polypropylene polypropylene filament, polyester filament, nylon nylon filament, carpet, lawn, fabric and yarn rob, the company has a strong technical team and perfect service team.

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