[China's textile industry has always practiced the initial intention of opening up, cooperation and collaborative progress]
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"China's cooperation with South Korea and Japan's textile industry has a long history, and an interwoven industrial chain and supply chain system have been established between them. Today, China's complete textile industry chain with advanced, intelligent and green manufacturing as the core features is still complementary to the industrial structure of Korea and Japan with high-performance and functional fiber industry chains and modern fashion industries as the main features." Sun Ruizhe, president of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation and president of the China Textile Industry Federation, spoke at the 11th China-South Korea-Japan Fiber Industry Cooperation Conference held recently.

At the meeting hosted by China Textile Industry Federation (hereinafter referred to as "China Textile Federation") and Qingdao Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and attended by the Korea Fiber Industry Federation and Japan Fiber Industry Alliance, the representatives conducted in-depth exchanges on the development status and prospects of China, South Korea and Japan's textile and garment industry, and the thinking of the textile and garment industry in the post-epidemic era. The three sides reached consensus on hot issues such as jointly promoting textile and garment trade, jointly building a mutually beneficial industrial chain and supply chain cooperation system, and enhancing the resilience of regional industrial development.

The three sides discussed the direction of deepening cooperation

"The China-Korea-Japan Fiber Industry Cooperation Conference, held for the first time in 2010, is not only an important platform for the three textile industries to exchange and seek consensus, but also an important witness to the continuous development of the global textile industry chain and supply chain through sincere cooperation." Xiaomin, secretary-general of the China Textile Industry Federation, said that promoting a high level of opening up and actively promoting the achievement of regional free trade platforms such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) show the determination of all walks of life in China to seek high-quality and sustainable development in open cooperation and healthy competition. The textile industry is a leading industry in China's opening up and international development. It has always adhered to the development concept of deep integration into the world, vigorously promoted its own transformation and upgrading, and regarded the construction of a stable, advanced and open Chinese textile modern industrial system as an important part of promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the global industrial chain and supply chain. China's textile industry is always willing to work together with industry colleagues in other countries, thousands of miles on the same road.

Choi Byung-oh, president of the Korea Fiber Industry Federation, said that in the past three years, the Korean textile and garment industry has actively cultivated the intelligent manufacturing capacity of clothing, built a meta-universe industrial cluster, promoted the intelligence and automation of the manufacturing site, and cultivated digital talents, which has promoted the innovation and development of the textile and garment industry. It is hoped that the textile industry of the three countries will, on the basis of existing good cooperation, promote deeper pragmatic cooperation around cooperation projects with innovative and revolutionary significance for the future development of the industry, and achieve a higher level of mutual benefit and win-win.

Fuji Kenichi, vice president and secretary general of the Japan Fiber Industry Alliance, said that at present, the rising prices of global raw materials and energy have become an unstable factor for business operation and market consumption. In terms of economic development, the Japanese fiber industry believes that digital transformation and carbon neutral reform are necessary. In the field of trade, we should further promote regional economic cooperation and expand trade for the global market. The fiber industries of China, Japan and South Korea are partners and should work together for common development, maintain the spirit of leading the world's fiber industry, and enhance mutual trust.

Sun Ruizhe pointed out that the current global textile supply chain layout shows a new trend of adjustment, which is reflected in the Chinese textile industry is more widely involved in promoting the innovation and development of the global textile industry chain and supply chain. The distribution pattern of the manufacturing end of the global textile supply chain shows a trend of decentralization, and the layout of the emerging and developing economies is increasing. The global textile supply chain needs to be more resilient.

Sun Ruizhe believes that the process of sustainable development of China's textile industry is also a process of continuous integration into the global textile industry system and full protection and support for the smooth operation of the global textile supply chain. China is an important part of the global textile supply chain, China's textile industry to market-oriented reform and opening up as a starting point, learn from the global industry quality resources and advanced experience to achieve rapid development, but also contributed to the development of the global textile industry has its own basic strength and innovation results. The value of the supply chain comes from collaboration, and the vitality of innovation comes from openness. China's textile industry will always practice the initial intention of open cooperation and collaborative progress, further integrate into the global textile supply chain system, and serve the innovation and development of the global industry.

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