[Negative factors increase the high level of nylon filament weak]
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Production reduction is expected to boost confidence in the cotton market

In the first half of August, policies such as storage and quotas have been landed, the demand has not been released, the pressure on the supply side has been eased, but in the New Year's production reduction is expected, and with the national recovery and expansion of consumption measures announced, market confidence has been boosted, forming a certain support for cotton prices, and the market is running at a high level. Domestic supply is slightly tight, although there is a reserve of cotton selling, but in a short time it is difficult to ease the tension on the supply side, and the cotton price adjustment is limited before the new cotton is listed at the end of September. The demand side has not improved significantly, the downstream order situation is general, and the market's expectation of "gold nine silver ten" has increased.

Negative factors increase the high level of nylon filament weak

With the slight decline of raw material high concussion, the inventory increased, and the high price of nylon filament silk weakened. Nylon filament upstream direct raw material PA6 market prices fell this week, down 100 yuan/ton from last week. PA6 demand at this stage or less than expected, and PA6 at the end of August to save 160,000 tons of new capacity production plan, the industry overcapacity situation or will be intensified, which has a greater negative effect on the market mentality. At the same time, the nylon industry is expected to add 100,000 tons of capacity in August to September, and the current nylon industry has no maintenance plan, and the supply of the nylon industry will increase significantly. There are more fundamental negative factors, and it is expected that the market of nylon filament yarn will be weak and volatile in the short term.

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