[Create a new starting point and new advantage of China's foreign trade with innovation]
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Foreign trade is an important engine driving economic growth, but since the beginning of this year, the global market has weak consumption, weak demand, China's foreign trade has also encountered some twists and turns, which has caused the market to worry about foreign trade. Data show that in the first seven months, China's total import and export volume increased by 0.4% year-on-year, of which exports increased by 1.5%, the overall stability, but in July, exports fell by 9.2%.

In this regard, recently through some foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce exhibitions and foreign trade enterprises found that the foreign trade field is playing a "song of ice and fire" : on the one hand, some enterprises with technical content and strong product innovation, the scale and profits continue to rise against the trend, and the business is particularly prosperous; On the other hand, enterprises lacking technological innovation, products without characteristics or non-necessities are experiencing a foreign trade winter, and orders are significantly reduced.

From the point of view of many analysts, although China's current exports have encountered certain twists and turns, this is mainly affected by the global economy, although facing many difficulties, but China's industrial system is complete, sufficient supply capacity, and foreign trade resilience is obvious. In particular, many enterprises with strong innovation ability are using innovation to create a new starting point and new advantages of China's foreign trade.

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