[Polyester staple fiber market in the cost of good drive up slightly]
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According to the business community commodity market analysis system, this week (August 7-11) the domestic polyester staple fiber market showed a slight upward trend driven by the cost of good, as of August 11, 1.4D*38mm polyester short price factory average price of 7651 yuan/ton, up 0.44% from the beginning of the week.

Crude oil shocks are strong, supply tightening concerns caused oil prices to rise to nearly nine-month highs, as of August 10, the main contract of the United States WTI crude oil futures settled at $82.82 / barrel, Brent crude oil futures main contract settled at $86.40 / barrel. Under the low processing fee, the recent accidental maintenance of PTA equipment has increased, and the supply has decreased, and the domestic PTA market has shown a slight recovery this week. As of August 11, the average price of the market in East China was 5914 yuan/ton, up 1.09% from the beginning of the week.

The downstream yarn market is still stable and watching, mainly in the consolidation trend, the mentality of yarn mills and traders is mostly calm and waiting for the peak season, and some yarn mills have low-price replenishment action, and the power improvement is slower. As of August 11, the average price of pure polyester yarn market in Shandong was stable at 12,775 yuan/ton, down 10.66% year-on-year. At present, the cotton mill generally said that although the inventory pressure is not large, but some caution about the future market.

Business analysts believe that short-term raw material prices are strong, and the polyester short market will still form favorable support. At the same time, considering the approach of the traditional peak season in September, the downstream yarn orders are expected to turn better, and the polyester short market will still be strong in the short term.

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