[Inventory of green manufacturing innovative cotton textile enterprises]
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Henan Pingmai Textile Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1982. In 2005, it was restructured by a state -owned enterprise Henan Angel Group Co., Ltd. in 2005. It has now developed into spinning, weaving, knitting, printing, dyeing, clothing, home property, solar power generation、 International trade integrates a large -scale comprehensive enterprise group of the textile industry chain. There are 150,000 ingots with advanced German spinning equipment, 312 unmounter -free jets in the international and domestic advanced, and more than 300 sets of knitted and dyeing clothing equipment. 3 million pieces of knitted clothing.

Pingmian advocates green, environmentally friendly, and sustainable production methods, continuously develops new products, is committed to the development and production of special yarn and casual clothing fabrics, leading the development trend of yarn and clothing fabrics. Save quality benchmarking enterprise. Pingmai Group continues to open up the international market. The products exported to 40 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, and other regions. One of the high -end leisure clothing fabric production bases in the industry, exported to the forefront of Henan textile enterprises, and is the main enterprise in Pingdingshan exports.

Hunan Science and Technology Textile Co., Ltd.

Hunan Science and Technology Textile Co., Ltd. is a modern textile private enterprise integrating digital, intelligent, and automated. The company was registered and established on March 13, 2013, with a production scale of 50,000 gauze and an annual yarn of nearly 20,000 tons. Enterprises have been awarded "Hunan Province Agricultural Products (Textile) Deep Processing Industrialization Provincial Leading Enterprises", "The First Batch of Green Factory in Hunan Province", "Hunan Provincial Smart Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise", "National High -tech Enterprise", "Hunan Province Well -known Trademark".

The company's product is positioned as "low -end high -end", and the production system is managed by "E system". Realize production intelligence, conservation of energy resources, and management informatization. Focusing on the characteristic "denim bamboo line line" market. Production adopts advanced processes such as combing, tightness, and super softness in the Sai Luo. The company's "Skycar" brand trademark is identified as a famous trademark in Hunan Province. The main products are 8-32S high-end denim clothing best-selling domestic markets, mainly sold to Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian and other places. The company establishes environmental protection networks to effectively control the discharge of noise, waste water, waste gas and solid waste in the operating venue, and meet relevant laws, regulations and other requirements. Scientifically and reasonable use of energy and resources, reduce waste, and prevent non -degraded material pollution environment.

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