[Jiangsu strives to open the break point of the textile and apparel industry chain]
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Jiangsu is a large province of textile and apparel in my country, and the number of textile and apparel companies accounts for 13.82%of the country's total. Affected by the epidemic, the clothing industry of the Yangtze River Delta and the Yangtze River Economic Belt has faced unprecedented challenges and impacts since this year. In particular, the lack of logistics and freight, Jiangsu's clothing industry chain is almost in a state of operation. In order to enhance industry confidence and promote the smooth and guarantee of the clothing industry, recently, Jiangsu held a "province's textile industry guarantee video conference to guide enterprises to actively respond. At the same time, Jiangsu will also introduce a series of bailout assistance policies to help enterprises open up Blocking point on the industrial chain.

Logistics and freight is the lifeline of the textile and clothing industry. It is connected to the order customers and the company. In the face of factors such as high -speed road closure, traffic blocking, logistics interruption, and stopping the express industry, what is the current situation of the company?

According to Sun Jiajun, chairman of Huarui Fashion Group: "We are encountered the first profit growth of the company since the establishment of the company." As the leader of the industry, Huarui Fashion Group involves clothing supply chain management, brand retail chain operations, e -commerce, needle textile technology, automobile sales With multiple industries such as services, they not only build production bases in Nanjing, Anhui, Cambodia, and Vietnam, but also have independent female fashion brands such as "LOGOGO", "Velvin", "Idole", "Esc'elav" More than 1600. From January to March 2022, the business income of enterprises was 535 million yuan, an increase of 0.7%year-on-year, and the profit was 22.68 million yuan, a decrease of 3.8%year-on-year. Wang Xiaojun, vice president of Hongdou Group, introduced that since this year, Hongdou Group has actively created "three self" enterprises through three aspects: "independent innovation, independent brand, and independent capital", increasing the competitiveness of the enterprise market, and achieving high -quality development. However, since the end of March, the normal production and operation of enterprises has been seriously affected, especially the most serious retail sales of clothing offline stores. In the first quarter, the total sales of clothing online stores for clothing lines decreased by 8%year -on -year, and it is estimated that more than 10%in April.

"Cargo transportation is a lifeline of the clothing industry, and truck road transportation accounts for 100%. As the epidemic prevention and control continues to escalate, the logistics and express delivery inhibit the online and offline sales of clothing. The loss of the coming is extremely heavy. "In the opinion of Lu Mei, deputy secretary and secretary general of the Party Branch and Secretary -General of the Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce Clothing Industry, in order to solve the urgency of the textile and apparel industry, Jiangsu needs to take the pass on the core. Measures, more resolute attitudes, and more implementation methods to speed up the logistics and logistics joints, and achieve the goals of clothing and cargo and smoothness as soon as possible.

Lu Mei believes that the current cargo transportation only rely on the passage system to form a normal operating mechanism, and the design of the pass is not scientific, which has seriously hindered the supply chain of the clothing industry's industry chain. At present, there are deviations in the issuing objects, inconsistent issuance units, limited number of white lists, cumbersome procedures, isolated information and unable to trace down, insufficient paper quality, and long processing time. More than 95%of clothing companies cannot apply for a pass. In order to ensure the normalization of the clothing industry chain, it is recommended to issue a pass permit with the industrial chain and implement a unified electronic pass. Real -time dynamic management of the personal epidemic prevention information of the driver through relevant technical means, and establish an epidemic prevention ecosystem around the driver's living service to ensure the safe closed -loop management of the driver. At the same time, Lu Mei suggested that our province introduced special social security support policies to expand financial support and help enterprises through difficulties. She introduced that during the survey, it was found that Jiangsu's clothing companies had a lot of employment and high costs. At present, most of the clothing companies are in a state of suspension or semi -stop production. She believes that Jiangsu can reduce social security costs for clothing companies for 3 months to half a year, and issue credit loans or supply chain financing for textile and apparel companies to provide financing support for eligible clothing companies. Continue loan.

Li Feng, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu Province, said that the textile and apparel industry is a traditional pillar industry in Jiangsu and a strong international competitive industry in Jiangsu. In the face of poor logistics and raw material costs in the face of enterprises. Jiangsu insisted on the prevention and control of the enterprise's epidemic in one hand, and the supply chain of the industrial chain was guaranteed. At present, Jiangsu has issued relevant documents in a timely manner to guide enterprises to build an epidemic prevention and control barrier. In early April, Jiangsu established a special class of stable key industry chain supply chain and established a "whitelist" system for the supply chain of key industrial chain. The first batch of 1719 companies had 117 textile companies. Under the premise of controlling various measures, the demands put forward by key enterprises will increase coordination and promotion, and to fully coordinate the logistics transportation of the enterprise. In order to boost corporate confidence, Jiangsu will also actively connect with key enterprises and key node enterprises in the textile industry, sort out the breakpoints in the production and operation of the enterprise, study the difficulties of SMEs, and help enterprises run smoothly.

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