[What is the superior performance of polypropylene high?]
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Polypropylene high strength yarn is a chemical fiber product that is popular by the public. It has good high strength, anti-aging and wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and the high-strength propylene raw materials are polypropylene, so it is Light, there is a certain world in the luggage web market.

The polypropylene high strength yarn is applied to the woven geotextile, packaging bag, webbing and fire water dragon belt, safety belt, etc., there is an emergence, replacing a part of the polyester, and is widely used in the application of metallurgy, chemical, Light industry, environmental protection, and food and other industries.

In general, the application of polypropylene high strength yarn is still relatively wide, mainly in the woven geotextile, packaging bag and the fire water dragon belt will see this new chemical fiber material. It is mainly good to absorb and stabilize, especially in the transportation industry for many chemical products, packaging, etc.

In various industrial wires of various synthetic fibers, high strength and impact resistance of polypropylene high strength and its flexibility and chemical resistance make it a competitive variety. In addition, its production equipment is low, the price is cheap, the energy consumption is minimized, and there is a small environmental pollution, which has a significant technical and economic advantage.

Performance of polypropylene high strength yarn:

1. The strong silk of polypropylene can be comparable to the polyester, the nylon industrial silk, and the power is exactly the same in the dry and wet state.

2. The polypropylene density is 0.919 / cm ', which is the smallest density in all industrialized adhesives, and its density is only equal to 66% of polyester (1.389 / cmA), 80% of nylon (1.149 / cm3). From the price and density of silk, it will be a lot of polyester or nylon industrial wire with polyester or nylon industrial wire. In addition, due to the moisture absorption of polypropylene (MO.1%), it is especially suitable for sea supplies and other materials that require unmisible.

3. Wear resistance and flexibility

4. Wipe resistance. Polypropylene is not eroded by insects, bacteria.

5. Good stability to chemicals. Since there is no active group in the polypropylene molecular structure, the stability of acid, base and other chemicals is very good, even better than polyester and nylon, so it is suitable for many chemical fields.

6. UV-UV and dye have been resolved. Polypropylene itself is not good, but the use of a stabilizer can achieve excellent ultraviolet radiation degradation performance, the product is suitable for outdoor use. Difficulties with polypropylene dye, but it has been resolved by adding a flushing agent or raw liquid coloring.

Polypropylene varieties have filaments (including uncular filaments and expandable filaments), short fibers, mane, membrane cracking fibers, hollow fibers, shaped fibers, various composite fibers, and nonwoven fabrics. The main purpose is to make carpets (including carpet fabric and suede), decorative fabrics, furniture cloth, various ropes, strips, fishing nets, oil-absorbent felts, building enhancements, packaging materials and industrial fabrics, such as filter cloth, bag cloth Wait.

With its advantages such as acid and alkali, high corrosion, high strength, non-water, light, stability, filter stripping, etc., can be made into high-strength polypropylene filter cloth, mainly used in metallurgy, mineralization, chemical, light industry, food , Environmental protection and other industries.

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