[In the first quarter of 2022, the chemical fiber industry economy operation analysis conference was held]
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On April 15, the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association held an economic operation analysis meeting of the chemical fiber industry in the first quarter of 2022. For 2022, the chemical fiber industry has been high, the epidemic is more, the demand is weakened, the logistics is blocked, and the industry operation pressure has increased significantly. In the first quarter, the industry overall "steady and worries" operation characteristics. The National Bureau of Statistics show: 1-2015 million tons of chemical fiber production were increased by 3.01% year-on-year; the operating income was 14.515 billion yuan, an increase of 14.6% year-on-year; the total profit was 4.51 billion yuan, a year-on-year reduction of 32.7%. In March, in the case of high cost, weak demand, the laminated logistics caused by the superimposed epidemic, the gradual accumulation of chemical fiber inventory is high, the industry's operating rate has declined, the profit space and the processing section are further compressed. As of now, some companies are in a loss. state. In the face of the above questions, China Chemical Fiber Association calls on industry enterprises to work together, firm confidence, on the basis of strengthening the normalization of epidemic, safeguarding production and life is stable and orderly, and jointly promotes the smooth and healthy development of the industry. At the same time, the following recommendations are proposed.

1. Carry out industry self-discipline and prevent operational risks

In the context of high inventory, low profit, it is also facing the high uncertainty of oil prices, and the risk of the external flow of textile apparel orders. It is recommended to strengthen industry exchange collaboration, appropriate synchronous download reduction, at this stage, at this stage, the price of digestive stocks and stable markets The Lord, avoiding the price big and invalidational vicious competition. In addition, strictly control the accounts receivable to ensure the safety of cash flow.

2. Pay attention to environmental changes and policy trends, and formulate strategies

Affected by the epidemic, major domestic production plants and markets have been affected, especially people, and logistics. It is recommended that enterprises cooperate with local epidemic prevention requirements, in close to the market, compressed procurement sales radius, using the "small cycle" in the region, and "small cycles" in the region to alleviate sales pressure and reduce logistics costs. At the same time, strengthen online communication and communication with overseas customers, develop special overseas customers maintenance, service plans, and avoid the loss of customers after the epidemic.

3. Facing uncertain things to do

The special period is also the best time to cultivate "internal power". In the face of uncertainty, doing a person who is sure, do the best "yourself": First, we will make an article around the energy saving, adding the effect; second, the use of the degradation and maintenance period to upgrade the equipment upgrade, especially accelerate the advancement of informationization Intelligent construction; third is to actively seek breakthrough and adjustment in product innovation, improve product added value; four is to comprehensively improve production management level, create efficient and agile operation capacity, help to increase the efficiency of this; five is to think about the future, formulate enterprises Long-term development strategy.

Dedicated confidence, guarding, keeping the clouds see the moon.

China has strong economic toughness, long-term good fundamentals will not change, China's textile industry has the world's most complete, and the advantages of the most advanced industrial chain supporting system have not changed. The current industry is temporary, and the logistics link has shown a good sign. On April 7, the Ministry of Transport held the logistics guarantee coordination mechanism meeting requested the freight logistics to keep inheritance, and proposed three directional requirements for the national traffic, regional policies, unified and control information. On April 10, "State Council Notice of the new coronavirus infection with pneumonia epidemic situation on the effects of doing a good job in freight logistics insurance, receiving; in recent days, a series of more specific policy notices and requirements have been released. I believe that with the implementation of the policy, the problem of transportation will be relieved. The industrial chain will return to normal flow, and the pre-pressed terminal demand will be released. The downstream factory has just need replenishment needs, and there is also a certain speculative demand. , The chemical fiber industry is expected to gradually get out of the dilemma, and there is an upntangle.

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