[Vigorously develop the textile raw material industry and fill in the shortcomings of the raw material supply chain]
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In the past 2021, our city has firmly placed industry, especially manufacturing, at the top of economic development. At this year's "two sessions", the municipal government work report proposed that in the new year, our city will focus on promoting the breakthrough of "building an industrial city and building a strong city". The "Ten Billion Enterprises, Hundred Billion Industries" cultivation plan to support enterprises to become bigger and stronger... made the delegates very happy. Everyone focused on the "three new, two special and one large" industrial development pattern, based on the actual situation of our city, and actively offered wisdom and suggestions.

Promote the large-scale and high-end development of textiles and clothing

After more than 40 years of development, our city's textile and garment industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain from weaving, dyeing and finishing, embroidery, accessories to finished products, and has become a characteristic industry with the largest proportion and complete supporting system in Shantou's manufacturing industry. At this year's "two sessions", the municipal government work report proposed to focus on building a textile and garment industry cluster of over 200 billion yuan, insist on strengthening the chain and extending the chain, strengthen technological innovation, quality optimization and brand creation and cultivation, and promote the construction of textile procurement centers, Exhibition and exhibition centers and industrial parks will play the role of industry associations, promote the development of enterprises in groups, and improve the level of large-scale, agglomeration, and high-end development.

Under the background of accelerating the construction of the "three new, two special and one large" industrial development pattern in our city, how can the textile and garment industry base itself on its own advantages, follow the trend, and create a new development path on the new track? Zhou Yanxi, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, suggested that it is necessary to speed up the layout of innovative technology centers, R&D and design creative parks, etc., explore the joint construction of industrial collaborative innovation centers with universities and research institutions such as Shantou University, and promote the synthesis of new materials, the manufacture of new textile fabrics, and the design of functional clothing. , the application and cooperation of key core technologies such as production equipment process transformation. At the same time, guide enterprises to expand and innovate product applications, improve technological innovation capabilities, do a good job in tracking services, and provide financial and other support to enterprises that realize product replacement and industrial upgrading.

Chaonan District and Chaoyang District are the main positions of the textile and garment industry in our city. Zhou Yanxi believes that the two Chaozhou districts should speed up the construction of a textile and garment industrial park integrating production, processing, sales, logistics and other chains, and build an entrepreneurial innovation incubation base. Promote the echelon cultivation plan of small and micro enterprise dual-creation bases, and cultivate and expand the group of new small and micro enterprises. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen brand cultivation and enhance the influence of local high-quality brands. "We can strengthen the brand effect of Gurao Town, 'China's Famous Knitting Underwear Town', relying on the advantages of creating a demonstration area for well-known brands in the national clothing industry, and increase brand building efforts." Zhou Yanxi suggested that through clothing design competitions, clothing expositions Strengthen publicity in various forms, or strengthen the integration of brand and culture, and take many measures to expand the popularity of Shantou brand clothing.

"In order to better cope with the intensified competition faced by the industry, our city can integrate resources to smooth the industrial cycle, develop new management technologies and new formats, take a high-end, independent, green, intelligent, and branded development route, and promote our city's textile industry. The transformation of clothing from a 'big city' to a 'strong city'." Zhuang Xiao, a representative of the Municipal People's Congress, suggested that in enhancing the joint force of chain development, the role of the Municipal Textile and Garment Industry Association can be brought into play, and the communication between the upstream and downstream of the industry and the communication between enterprises and the government can be played. Bridge, and promote the formation of industrial alliances for local textile and garment enterprises to develop together. Accelerate the cultivation of leading enterprises, include enterprises with good economic benefits, high market share and certain development potential in the cultivation and filing, play a leading effect, improve the cluster's ability to adapt to market changes, promote the development of chain marketing, and comprehensively improve industrial development quality, and strive for a broader space for development.

In terms of promoting the agglomeration development of the textile and garment industry, Zhuang Xiao believes that factors such as resource planning, agglomeration radiation, and convenient transportation can be considered to build a municipal-level textile and garment industrial park, supporting R&D and design bases, production bases, fabric industrial parks, and e-commerce industrial parks. And so on, let enterprises gather into chains and share resources. Through the revitalization of land in key areas and towns of textile and clothing, the micro-renovation of related parks and "industrial transformation", etc., construction areas and town-level textile and clothing gathering areas, design workshops with modern management concepts, promote factories to go upstairs, industrial agglomeration, and equipped with photovoltaic, Energy storage and charging piles and other new energy sources to reduce production and operation costs and serve small, medium and micro enterprises and processing enterprises. In addition, carry out research on new textile materials, green printing and dyeing, textile research, cultivate local fabric enterprises, expand and introduce upstream enterprises such as high-end raw materials and fabrics, vigorously develop the textile raw material industry, and fill the shortcomings of the raw material supply chain.

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