[National Textile Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise" created activities to develop roots]
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In recent years, the textile enterprises and institutions across the country have been guided by Xi Jinping's new era of Chinese characteristics, and implemented a series of decision-making deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on building a harmonious labor relations. Strive to overcome the current intricate domestic and foreign economic and new crown. The difficulties, create harmony, sharing results, and seek common development. In the construction of a harmonious labor relationship, a harmonious labor relationship has emerged in the harmonious labor relationship of the standardization, fairness, mutual benefit, and healthy and stable, and has emerged.

In recognition of advanced, it is typical, playing a demonstration role, and further promoting the creation activities in depth, China Textile Industry Association decided to name 72 units such as Beijing Dahua Fashion Technology Development Co., Ltd. as "National Textile Labor Relationship Harmonious Enterprise".

China Textiles hopes that the unit hopes that the unit is not forgotten, create new achievements, and continue to explore the harmonious labor relations to create new measures, new paths, further enrich the creation of content, improve the quality of the creation, and continue to build a harmonious labor relationship, in order to promote the textile industry "14th Five-Year Plan" high quality development made a new and greater contribution.

Labor relations are an important part of production relations, one of the most basic, most important social relations. Developing a harmonious labor relationship is one of the important foundations of building a harmonious society and one of the necessary conditions for realizing the textile strength.

The textile industry has always attached importance to the establishment of a harmonious labor relationship, attaching importance to the legitimate rights and interests of industrial workers, and strives to make workers to achieve decent work. In September 2007, China Textile Industry Federation and China's Finance and Foreign Textile Tobacco Trade Union jointly issued "on the creation of harmonious labor The relationship promotes the healthy development of the textile industry. Over the years, the creation of activities around the theoretical research and work practice of labor relations, hot issues, the establishment, operation, supervision, and adjustment of labor relations into the legalization orbit, and actively explore the scientific practice and effective way to find new labor relations. Promote the healthy and sustainable development of the textile industry.

Announcement on Extending the National Textile Relationship Harmonious Enterprise Promotion Conference

In view of the current epidemic prevention and control situation, in order to implement the relevant deployment of the country, the National Textile Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise, which is originally scheduled to be held in December 2021, and the specific convening time will be notified.

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