[Shengze Town held the Oriental Silk Market Organic Update Regional City Design Program Report]
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On December 17th, Wujiang High-tech Zone (Shengze Town) held an Organic Update Regional City Design Regiment, and listened to the market organic update design. Deputy Director, Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Wujiang High-tech Zone, Shen Chunrong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shengze Town, and Zhao Jiesi attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the design unit formed a pre-development judgment, industrial analysis, development strategy, overall positioning, and formed a 6.2 square kilometers of Shengze Market, and wandered the development space of the surrounding lake area around the water town. Wait, made a more comprehensive pros and cons, and the idea and suggestions for market organic updates are also proposed.

After listening to reports, the Shengze Town Party Police Office, Construction Bureau, the Economic Development Bureau, the Rural Work Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, the Municipal Management Office, Investment Company, Natural Resources, Traffic Police Squadron, and City Organic Update Company Related personnel How to activate the market, stimulate development motivation to exchange, and the participants have suggested that the relevant design programs suggest, focus on the work schedule, brainstorming, and select the best design, and jointly promote the market organic update. New steps.

Shen Chunrong said that the design units have made more detailed and in-depth research on the basis of pre-survey, and close to the market. He asked, relevant programs to start from the perspective of "producing the city", closely around the goal of building fashion capital, beautiful Shengze, fully consider market transactions and surrounding factors in the core area, grasp the direction, grasp the progress , Grab time, clear their job tasks and work, and coordinate rapid advancement.

Shen Chun Rong pointed out that to achieve the project fund's benefit balance target, fully consider market trading functions, do a good job in assessment, preparation of funds before the project start construction, reduce project risk factor; at the same time, we must further improve and optimize design plan, do a good job Preparatory work, scheduled time nodes, solve the blockage points, difficulties, and actively promote the market organic update work, and strive to promote the high quality development of Shengze.

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