[The 21st Fujian Association for Science and Technology Annual Conference was held in Liming Vocational University]
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On the afternoon of November 15, the 21st Fujian Association for Science and Technology Annual Conference and Smart Textile Technology Innovation High-end Forum with the theme of "Intelligent Textile Technology Innovation, Helping Industrial Transformation and Upgrading" was held at Liming Vocational University. More than 300 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, experts and scholars, representatives of entrepreneurs, and representatives of teachers and students from Liming Vocational University attended the forum.

"The holding of this high-end forum will help accelerate the automation process of the textile industry and enterprises in our province, and help promote the development of the textile and apparel industry in the direction of intelligence and informatization." Huang Shiqing, president of Liming Vocational University, said that Liming Vocational University will It can aim at the revolutionary pattern change of vocational education, take up the historical task of high-quality development of intelligent textile technology, innovate and cooperate with a new ecology, brainstorm together for progress, and complement each other's advantages.

  Wang Zhihong, deputy mayor of Quanzhou Municipal People's Government, emphasized that under the new wave of technological revolution and industrial revolution, the textile and footwear industry is facing a major opportunity for transformation and upgrading. In recent years, in accordance with the provincial party committee and the provincial government’s strategic deployment on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, Quanzhou has implemented an innovation-driven development strategy, started to formulate and implement a roadmap for the transformation and upgrading of textiles, footwear and clothing, and has solidly developed a national-level independent innovation demonstration zone and the "CNC Generation". "Internet +" and other work, pay close attention to the intelligent transformation of enterprises and the construction of enterprise-level industrial Internet, actively guide leading enterprises and telecom operators to carry out 5G pilot applications, promote enterprises to go to the cloud platform, and effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile and footwear industry.

Wang Zhihong pointed out that in the next five years, Quanzhou will adhere to “requiring benefits from innovation, and promoting development through innovation”, highlighting technological empowerment, digital empowerment, and green empowerment, fully stimulating the willingness of enterprise entities to innovate, accelerating intelligent transformation and digital transformation, and accelerating industry Strengthen the chain, build and supplement the chain, and strive to achieve an output value of 720 billion yuan in textiles and footwear by 2025, and a trillion-level industrial cluster by 2035, and create a "world textile, footwear and clothing base" and a source of fashion trends in China's textile and footwear.

Zhu Shize, member of the Standing Committee of the Fujian Association for Science and Technology and Secretary of the Party Committee of Quanzhou Normal University, said that the purpose of this meeting is to actively integrate into the dual-cycle economic development pattern at home and abroad. Renewal and efficient operation of machinery and equipment, upgrade of intelligent dyeing and finishing equipment, energy saving and emission reduction in the textile industry, and other countermeasures, accelerate the promotion of the automation process of the textile industry and enterprises in our province, and help promote the intelligent and informatized textile and apparel industry Direction development.

On the same day, the school-enterprise alliance of the whole industry chain of footwear and clothing of Fujian Province was officially unveiled. The "big platform +" model builds and establishes a provincial collaborative innovation center.

   In addition, Zhu Meifang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the National Key Laboratory of Fiber Material Modification, was invited to give a keynote report on "Functional Fibers, Creating the Future". Wang Zhihong, the deputy mayor of Quanzhou, also awarded Zhu Meifang a letter of appointment as an economic consultant to the Quanzhou Municipal People's Government.

Zhu Meifang pointed out in the report that with the integration of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and information technology, fiber science has fully grown into a multi-disciplinary research front, aiming to develop multi-structure, multi-function, super performance, intelligent and Sustainable fiber materials. Moreover, fiber technology has also become an important part of influencing and guiding the development direction of modern industry.

The conference also invited the deputy director of the Academic Committee of the Chinese Textile Engineering Society and the former president of the China Textile Research Institute Zhao Qiang, the senior consultant of the China Textile Machinery Association Zhu Xianmin, the director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Institute of Donghua University, Bao Jinsong, and Zhejiang Hengtian Lixin Intelligent Printing and Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd. Company Director Wang Qingquan, Director Wei Shutao of the Research and Innovation Center of 361 Degrees (China) Co., Ltd., and Liao Yaozu, Associate Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Donghua University, etc. "Intelligent Manufacturing Development in the Textile Industry", "Industrial Internet Empowers Textile Low-Carbon Manufacturing", "Lixin Dyeing and Finishing "Intelligent Printing and Dyeing" Solutions", "Innovation Driven Era", "Multifunctional Wearable Electronic Fabric Construction Strategies" and other theme reports.

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