[The performance and application of polypropylene FDY yarn?]
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What are the performance advantages of polypropylene FDY yarn?

1. Lighter fiber: its density is smaller, its weight is 40% lighter than cotton, and its weight is 30% lighter than polyester. It is gentle and lubricating;

2. Polypropylene FDY yarn is a fiber that keeps warmer than wool: the thermal conductivity is lower among the existing natural fibers and synthetic fibers, and the heat loss rate is lower.

3. Polypropylene FDY yarn has good color fastness: dyed in the original solution, the color fastness is unmatched by other fibers in the subsequent dyeing and finishing process;

How does polypropylene FDY yarn facilitate our lives?

Polypropylene FDY yarn classification includes: black, whitening, color, natural white, etc.;

Polypropylene FDY silk (150D-2000D) is suitable for backpack belts, construction safety nets, car seat cushions, webbing industries (lace cloth, shoelaces, handbag belts, ribbons, shuttleless belts), etc.

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