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From November 5th to 7th, 2021, the reporter was informed that the 2021 - Non-Textile Apparel International Forum and Central African Cultural Exchange Forum on the 2021 - Non-Textile and Apparel Forum jointly hosted by Donghua University and Kenya Moji University.

The forum has been held by Zhongxia in 2015, and it is already the seventh session. From the University of Kenya Moj, Ethiopia Pahdal University, the country, the United Kingdom, Oxford University and domestic universities, and agencies, and scholars jointly participated in the online interaction.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization Richard Duo Savigliao mentioned that the textile and garment industry is related to human social well-being, high-level employment, increase foreign exchange income, play an important role in African society and economic development. In the post-epidemic age, countries should pay attention to the development of textile and garment industries, and create employment opportunities and further promote industrialization in the economic recovery process.

The World Bank Trust Sarah said that during the 26th United Nations Climate General Assembly period, the theme focused on the green economy, sustainable development, inclusive economic and social equity coincident. Participants have promoted the development, research innovation and technology transformation in the fields of textile and apparel, and hopes that colleges and research institutions will contribute more intelligence and strength.

Regarding the first-year-old fate community, the first participation of the front Mali in Hua, the senior researcher of the African Research Institute of Zhejiang Normal University, the African Museum, Chang Joro Dilo believes that Africa should learn China's successful experience in the povertygraduate field, strengthen Poverty reduction cooperation plays an important role in the relationship between China and non-cooperative relationships, and it is also a key field. Africa should develop poverty reduction infrastructure, public health systems and construction capabilities.

This forum set up a main forum and six sub-forums around the theme of "Green Textile Technology and Sustainable Development". Participants of participants surrounded emergency epidemic prevention textiles, future textiles, green advanced textile technology, functional fiber materials, human fate community theory and practice, "all the way" initiative to share textile front and sustainable development, etc. Reflections on the Community. At the same time, the General Assembly also selected 72 high-quality papers edited, published by Donghua University Press.

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