["The 30th Anniversary of the Jiangxi University of Clothing" and the series of activities were grandly held]
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Thirty-year-old education journey, the beat of the development of the industry; thirty years of Yude Tree, condensed into the power of Chinese clothing. On October 29-31, the "30th Anniversary Conference of Jiangxi Clothing College" and the series of activities were held, the golden autumn season, the high-pegrage, winning friends, witness this continuous moment.

In the past 30 years, Jiangxi Clothing Institute has always adhered to the responsibility of the service apparel industry, practicing the school motto of "Quanxin Boya", wholeheartedly cultivated more than 80,000 basic foundations, powerful, and has a high-quality application model of innovative spirit. Talents have achieved "Jiang Service Phenomenon" for people. Today, the 30-year-old Jiangxi Clothing Institute will step into the new starting point, painting new blueprints.

On the 30th, the main leaders attended the celebration meeting were: Vice President of China Textile Industry Association, President Chen Dapeng, China Clothing Association, member of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, Education Department, Cao Jia, China Textile and Apparel Society Ni Yangsheng, Vice President Zuo, Zuo, Vice President of Textile University, "Golden Top Award" designer, Zuo, Guangzhou Garment, Leaders, leaders, leaders of the brothers, leaders, industry associations, corporate representatives, leaders, corporate representatives of Jiangxi Province News media, alumni, school leaders, current leaders, and teachers and students attending the meeting attending the general meeting. Jiangxi College Party Secretary Chen Fu Long hosted a meeting.

This is exciting moment, China Clothing Designer Association, Beijing Fashion Institute, Nanchang Engineering College, East China Jiaotong University, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, Sanjiang College, Brothers, brothers, have sent a congratulatory message, congratulation, " Jiangxi Clothing College made a great contribution to the Chinese apparel industry "" I hope that the two schools will strengthen cooperation, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of higher education "" I wish the Jiangxi Clothing College in specialization education, all the way "... one Congratulatory emotions are sincere, hovering all institutional colleges for the 30-year development of Jiangxi Clothing College, as well as the wonderful blessings of the future of Jiangxi Clothing College.

Subsequently, Chen Fu Long announced the official beginning of the 30th anniversary of the construction of Jiangxi Clothing Institute, and all played a national anthem.

The development achievements of Jiangxi Clothing Institute have been witnessed, and the school is constantly cultivating professional characteristics and educating people. China Textile Industry Federation, the leadership of Wuhan Textile University speak speech, from different perspectives such as industries, education, have made Zhongxin evaluation of Jiangxi Clothing Institute.

Chen Dapeng, Vice President of China Textile Industry Association, Chen Dapeng, President of China Clothing Association, "Jiangxi Clothing Institute is the 'Talent Dream Factory" of China's Apparel Industry, 30 years, and the college education concept with distinctive special education and practice For enterprise innovation and industrial progress, a large number of high-quality applications with innovative spirit, have innovative spirit. In the past 30 years, Jiangxi Clothing Institute has always practiced the purpose of the school, the quality of the school, close to the industry And the needs of the market, continue to explore the blend of education and education. In the past 30 years, Jiangxi Clothing Institute has always adhered to expert treatment, regarding the construction of the discipline as an important starting point of the quality of running, and the foundation of the thick industries and the same color Innovative characteristic education model, highlighting the vitality and style of industrial innovation change. In the past 30 years, Jiangxi Clothing College has always strengthened the "dedication of dedication, pursuit of excellence", college culture, Li Dehu, Tao Li Tianxia, 'Jiang suit 'Excellent reputation and reputation in the industry is the university adhering to the science and education in the college, and the industrial reporting country spiritual traits. "

Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education, Cao Jia, pointed out in his speech, "30 years of wind and rain, bathe, the spring breeze of the reform, Jiangxi Clothing Institute, opened the curtain of Jiangxi clothing education. For 30 years, Jiang suit is a foot-on-earth, realization Once again, I have a contribution, contributing to a good point, achievement, congratulations, providing strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for the Jiangxi clothing industry. I sincerely hope that Jiang Service is a new starting point for the 30th anniversary of this year. Implementing the Treesman task, based on Jiangxi facing the whole country, continuously increase the efforts of education, and has become a high-level application university with distinctive characteristics. "

The 30th anniversary of the establishment of the school, this is a day of celebration, the colleeper at the Jiangxi clothing school, and teachers and students also gave birth to the 30th anniversary of the alma mater. The representative of the alumni also won the flowers from the founder of Jiangxi Clothing College.

The Director of Jiangxi Clothing Institute, "Today is the 30th anniversary celebration of Jiangxi Clothing College, in 30 years, a generation of people have a generation of people, a generation of people, Jiangxi Clothing College, Waiting. Therefore, we would like to thank the country, thank the relevant departments to care and support for private education, and today's Jiangxi Clothing College. Looking back on the development process, the textile and apparel industry is the mother industry in the national industrialization process, and Jiang Service is the blood of the industry A group of people connected, looking forward to the future, Jiang suit will not forget the joy, bravely revitalize the mission of clothing culture, and work hard to develop the 'Jiang suit' to become the 'Jiang service road'. "

Xue Jiabao, principal of Jiangxi Clothing Institute, delivered a speech, "For 30 years, several generations of Jiang service people wrote a struggle of Huashi, from the initial hundred students to now 15,000 students, Jiangxi Clothing College, Jiangxi, service industry, I have went all out to build a education system to create a deep integration of education, I have received a series of honors. Delivery with the nation, the same development with the times, 800,000 graduates in the past 30 years, teachers, screening teachers, entrepreneurs ... Time road, every Jiang suit is proud. Now, in the face of the new mission of education strong country, Jiang Service will adhere to the concept of connotation development, and build the school into an important cradle of clothing talents. "

Chen Fu Long, at the scene, said that the 30th anniversary of the Jiangxi University of Clothing Institute is an important milestone in the history of Jiangxi. Jiang Service people adhere to the school motto of "Diligence Boya", hard work, Ying Yinghua, and constantly realize the new leap and great development of schools, and harvested brilliant running performance. Recalling the 30 years of running school, we are proud and proud; looking forward to the good tomorrow of Jiangxi Clothing College, we are full of confidence and strength. Standing in the new era, the school shoulder the important historical mission of more excellent talents for the country. We will definitely take the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the school, condense the strength of all walks of life, bring together alumni, further inspiring spirit, work hard, and work together to write a new chapter in the future Jiangxi University of Clothing.

Huang Yunping, Vice President of Wuhan Textile University, said, "Today's Jiang Service is an important highland of China's clothing talents, and the level of running school is continuously improved. It has achieved a series of outstanding results, cultivated a large number of professional talents, cast 'Jiang suit'. Over the years, Jiang Service took the initiative to promote cluster and education, we also deeply developed the rapid development of Jiangmen, highlighting the performance is happy. The two schools have a deep origin. We all have a total of life with the national textile industry, facing the future, hope two schools Further strengthen cooperation, in order to help our country will work together from the textile big country to the textile power. "

At the meeting, China Textile Industry Association, China Clothing Association also awarded Jiangxi University of Clothing College "National Textile Ideological and Political Education and Training Base", "China's Clothing Association Professional Installation Research Center Jiangxi Clothing Institute Research Base" Plaque.

Finally, a "writing Huazhangwi is brilliant" Jiang service school songs resounded through the hall, singing out the spirit of Jiangye, singing the future of the school.

It is reported that the 30th anniversary of the Jiangxi Clothing Institute, in addition to the celebration of the General Assembly, it also organized the "Huaxia · Clothes" 3rd China Higher College Clothing History Research Academic Forum, the 25th Runhua Award Model Competition and 17th China Super Model Competition (Jiangxi Division), the 25th Runhua Awards Fashion Design Competition and Fashion Art Zhou Awards Ceremony, the 30th Anniversary of the School of Building a number of activities, etc. , The diversified celebrations in the network, showed the vitality and charm of the Jiangxi Clothing Institute, but also set a gorgeous tone in the next 30 years!

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