[The goods are probably priced, and the price of coal has continued to rise.]
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On October 15, Shaoxing's many thermoelectric companies released the "Inform Letter", which is superimposed by multiple factors in the world, and market coal supply is very short and prices continue to skyrocket. At present, there are more than 2300 yuan per ton, which has exceeded 2,300 yuan per ton, only the price is available, and a daily price, the tension is continuously upgraded, and the coal procurement is quite difficult.

From the current situation, the market coal is quite nervous, and the country's energy dual-control, the company's coal inventory is always in less than a week, and the normal production operation is made into huge pressure, the serious imbalance between steam prices and coal prices have been Leading business management faces a serious crisis, and existing stocks cannot meet our normal production. In view of the above practical conditions, the fidelity will have a large increase in the original basis. At the same time, in order to implement the "Double Control" policy of the provincial energy source, it is planned to arrange an orderly steam.

Printing and dyeing factory dyeing fee

Because energy and dyes, additives, steam, natural gas, etc. have continued to rise, and the cost of the downstream enterprises have further increased, while the "dual-control" affects the limited capacity, and many printing and dyeing enterprises are last added. Based on the adjustment of the fee adjustment. Look at the latest dye market:

Energy-saving dual-control plus production cost increases, all materials in printing and dyeing products require cash turnover, and the production and operation funds are not increased accordingly. They can only recruise their fees as soon as possible in front of the printing and dyeing factories. If the price of customer arrears in the printing industry is often seen in the printing and dyeing industry, special period printing and dyeing plants adopt cessation of customers who have not established payment, and they have to have already.

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