[What kind of fabric is the base fabric?]
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What is a base cloth? What kind of fabric is the base fabric? Types of cloth materials, base cloth is one of the necessary materials for the production of waterproof cloth, and the strength indicators of the waterproof cloth depend on the base, because the waterproof cloth combined with the base cloth and PVC resin through a special process is not only wear-resistant, waterproof, and sun-proof, It is also resistant to tension, tearing and cracking.

The woven base fabric is a traditional craft, it is made up of warp and weft interlaced up and down, generally a square weave. Weaving machines for woven base fabrics include weaving, arrow shaft, projectile, air jet, etc. The structure has multiple styles such as single warp and single weft, single warp and double weft, double warp and single weft, and double warp and double weft. Different warp and weft weaves result in different base fabrics, and of course the quality is also different. Its tensile, tear-resistant, and crack-resistant strength are determined by the warp and weft. ,

The biaxial warp-knitted base fabric is composed of warp and weft filaments on one layer each, and the warp and weft are knitted together in a warp knitting method with another binding method. This kind of base fabric is characterized by fast speed, thin base fabric and higher tensile and tear strength.

Nowadays, there are many different kinds of tarps in the world, and the prices are different. Choosing a good tarpaulin not only depends on the surface, but also pays attention to whether the base fabric you choose is filament or short than woven. The so-called shopping around has its origin!

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