[Promote the development of enterprises to promote the development of textile industry]
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In recent years, Qingqixian has continuously accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading of textile industries, building a modern industrial system, actively uses policy orientation, and guiding and supporting enterprise development, promoting continuous improvement of industrial scale levels, and has formed total increase, improvement improvement And the active development situation of the brand started.

Recently, the reporter saw in the production workshop in Qing Shen Yaxian Textile Co., Ltd., the sound of the air, the workers are working on the production of spinning, and the production of good cloth is dyed, and a busy scene.

Yuhua Textile was built in 1956 and has experienced a experience of more than 50 years. Today, the company's total value is 350 million yuan, covering an area of 170,000 square meters, and 700 employees. The production scale has a spinning 50,000 ingots, 600 weaving machines, four garment fabric printing production lines. The company has developed into integrated production and management pattern of "one-stop", which has a large-scale second-grade private enterprise.

"The biggest advantage in the textile industry is our industrial chain very complete. Especially our cotton, and some other differentiated products are very good in the whole industry, and the market is more agree. We have The complete industrial chain, this is not available throughout the Southwest. "Zhang Tie, the relevant person in charge of Yuhua Textile Co., Ltd., said.

When it comes to the development direction of the enterprise, Zhang Tie said: "Our company is a local enterprise of the Qing Dynasty. It is a labor-intensive enterprise. We now encountered the more difficult difficulties to recruit hard, the equipment is old, Yuhua Textile should continue to walk long in this industry, if you want to develop, you must take the equipment upgrade and technical transformation. "

Equipment upgrade, improve labor productivity, speeding up transformation and upgrading is the fundamental power of enterprise development. It is understood that Yuhua Textile has been invested nearly 8 million yuan in recent years, and the infrastructure equipment in the textile factory has been upgraded. With the strong support of the government, the power supply equipment "coal to gas", industrial sewage treatment is discharged, Workshop production noise is also effectively controlled.

Next, Yuhua Textile will continue to increase investment, complete the equipment update upgrade, further increase productivity. Yuhua Textile is constantly exploring the path of innovative, benefits, intensive, and ecological development during the transformation and upgrading.

"In the face of new era, new opportunities, the next step, Yuhua Textile will increase fund investment, transform upgrade, cooperate with higher vocational colleges, based on production, cultivate talents, improve process level, research and development new products, adapt The new development concept, realizing high quality development. "Zhang Tie told reporters.

It is understood that Yuhua Textiles will be in the production scale and quality in the production scale and quality of the printing end products, complete the distribution scale required for spinning and weaving, and the weaving part of the weaving machine is replaced by a new jet loom. , The efficiency doubles and the improvement of the quality; the existing 50,000 ingot spinning equipment is made to make it more automated, intelligent; dyeing production capacity will increase significantly after the technical improvement of equipment and process optimization.

It is expected that the overall production scale of Yuhua Textile will reach 50,000 ingots, annual spinning yarn; 230 jet woven machines, annual production gray cloth 25 million meters; year-in-year color cloth 60 million meters, annual sales income reached 5 100 million yuan, tax payment of more than 10 million yuan.

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