[What are the performance advantages of polypropylene FDY yarn?]
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Advantages of polypropylene FDY yarn: polypropylene FDY yarn has small specific gravity, strong covering power, insect resistance, easy cleaning, light texture, good wear resistance, high strength, large elongation, excellent elasticity, acid and alkali resistance.

Polypropylene FDY yarn is mainly used in: carpet bottom fabric, wall paste fabric, curtains, furniture cloth, luggage, canvas, polypropylene yarn for rope, polypropylene yarn for fishing gear, luggage belt, webbing, rope, decorative cloth and industry In the field of textiles, it is widely used.

Analysis of the morphology and density of polypropylene FDY yarn!

1. Polypropylene FDY silk hygroscopicity and dyeability: polypropylene fiber has very little hygroscopicity, almost no moisture absorption, and the moisture regain under ordinary atmospheric conditions is close to zero. But it has a wicking effect, can transfer water vapor through the capillary in the fabric, and does not have any absorption effect by itself.

2. Polypropylene FDY yarn is acid and alkali resistant: Polypropylene fiber has good chemical resistance. In addition to concentrated nitric acid and concentrated caustic soda, polypropylene fiber has good resistance to acids and alkalis.

3. Polypropylene FDY filament light resistance: Polypropylene fiber has poor light resistance, poor thermal stability, easy aging, and is not resistant to ironing. However, the anti-aging performance can be improved by adding anti-aging agent during spinning. In addition, polypropylene fiber has good electrical insulation, but it is easy to generate static electricity during processing.

What are the performance advantages of polypropylene FDY yarn?

1. Lighter fiber: its density is smaller, its weight is 40% lighter than cotton, 30% lighter than polyester, and it is lightly lubricated;

2. Polypropylene FDY silk is a fiber that keeps warmer than wool: the thermal conductivity is lower among the existing natural fibers and synthetic fibers, and the heat loss rate is lower.

3. Polypropylene FDY silk has good color fastness: dyed with the original solution, the color fastness is unmatched by other fibers in subsequent dyeing and finishing;

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