[Do you know what is polypropylene empty wire?]
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Polypropylene air change yarn is used to use compressed air, and the filaments of the chemical fibers have a jet-deformed deformation, and the outer roll is locally in the outer ring, and then it is partially broken, and a plurality of ends are degranted, and it looks very close to short fibers. It is obtained from the conventional method to obtain air deformed wire.

The fabric, appearance and hand of the polypropylene air change yarns are close to fabrics with short fibers, and moisture absorbing, which can be used to produce imitation silk, imitation cotton or imitation curved fabric, used as clothing, furniture, respectively Cloth, felt blanket or car cloth.

The polypropylene air change yarns are much variety, the color is complete, the quality assurance, and also overcome natural flax folds, wash, easy to care.

Polypropylene air change yarns can be used to make silk, imitation cotton or woven fabric, polypropylene air variable wire use: all kinds of cloth, sand release, carpet fabric, robe yarn, fabric, color line, Schnauel yarn, weaving Wait for the color of the craft cloth, the color is complete, and the quality assurance is widely used.

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