[A good harvest of cotton in Aksu area]
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This year, the cotton in Aksu area will usher in another bumper year. This is based on the conclusion drawn by the regional agricultural technology extension center after investigating the cotton growth in various cotton-growing counties (cities).

On August 20, the reporter learned from the Regional Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that from July 27 to 31, the regional agricultural technology extension center and the county (city) agricultural technology station simultaneously carried out a mid-term survey of cotton growth this year, and carried out a survey on the survey data. Scientific summary analysis predicts a slight increase in upland cotton yields and a slight increase in long-staple cotton yields in the region this year.

The relevant person in charge of the Regional Agricultural Technology Extension Center introduced that in the mid-term cotton growth survey, a total of 85,500 mu of cotton fields were surveyed in cotton-planting counties (cities). Numbers and so on for statistics. The survey showed that the number of bolls and flowers of upland cotton increased slightly compared with the same period of the previous year, and the total number of buds and bolls of long-staple cotton per mu increased significantly compared with the same period of the previous years. It is predicted that the total cotton output of the region will increase slightly this year.

Cotton is one of the main sources of income for farmers in the region. According to the statistics of the Regional Agriculture and Rural Bureau, the area of cotton planted in the region will be 7.1 million mu in 2021, including 6.45 million mu of upland cotton and 650,000 mu of long-staple cotton. The main growing areas are Aksu and Akesu. Wati County, Shaya County and other counties (cities).

   At present, it is the cotton boll period, which is also a critical period for cotton field management. Cotton farmers in various regions are rushing to grasp the integrated regulation of water and fertilizer and pest control during the farming period, laying the foundation for a high yield of cotton.

"This year I planted more than 300 acres of cotton. Under the guidance of technicians, the cotton is growing very well. I am busy watering and fertilizing these days. I believe there will be a good harvest." Said Maihemuti Tuxun, a farmer in Kumouyila Village, Kezhen.

   This year, Awati County planted 1.375 million mu of cotton. The current is the peak period of cotton peach expansion and fertilizer demand. The county organizes agricultural technicians to go deep into the fields to supervise and guide cotton farmers to carry out field management in a timely manner.

   When cotton enters the blooming and boll period, it is often a period of high incidence of pests and diseases such as red spiders. Xinhe County organizes agricultural technicians to help farmers manage cotton water and fertilizer control, pest control and other management tasks.

   This year, the region will adjust and optimize the cotton variety structure, fully implement the "one main and one auxiliary" seed mode, increase the planting area of mechanically harvested cotton and the demonstration and promotion of new practical cotton planting technologies to lay the foundation for increasing cotton production. At present, cotton has entered the middle stage of growth and development when the yield forming elements tend to be finalized, and it is particularly important to strengthen field management. Experts from the Regional Agricultural Technology Extension Center suggest that cotton-planting counties (cities) should actively organize cotton farmers to strengthen the management of water and fertilizer in the middle and late stages, promote more peaches, implement measures to promote early maturity, increase the rate of flowers before frost, strengthen pest control, and help cotton farmers increase their income.

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