[What is the advantage of polypropylene FDY?]
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Polypropylene FDY Silk Excellent Point: The polypropylene FDY wire has a small specific gravity, strong coverage, anti-secting, easy to clean, light texture, good wear resistance, high strength, excellent elasticity, acid resistance, alkali, polypropylene FDY wire In areas such as ribbons, seat cushions, ropes, nets, building enhancements.

The polypropylene FDY wire can be reduced for the overall weight of the backpack.

In addition, the polypropylene FDY is also available in non-polluting, non-toxic, chemical, and recoverable granulation.

The polypropylene FDY is widely used in automotive seat cushions, webbed industries (lace cloth, lace, tape, ribbon, no zone), etc.

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