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Reporter learned from Shaoxing Customs, as of August 2, China Textile City Market Purchasing Trade Networking Information Platform has filled with 199, accumulated 10086 votes, export value of 916 million US dollars, single quantity, amount The best in the city of the pilot city.

As the largest, large-scale, business varieties, the most operating varieties, on December 25 last year, China Textile City officially launched a pilot of market purchase trading methods. For the pilot, this multi-variety, multi-batch, small batch of new types of trade methods for small and medium-sized enterprises. "Export products are mainly textile, mechanical and electrical products and plastic products, exports all over 135 countries in Six continents." The relevant person in charge of Shaoxing Customs introduced, and it has also rapidly become a new channel for textivities to actively expand foreign trade.

"Since the opening of this year, we have increased significantly through the market purchase channel." Sau Miao, general manager of Shaoxing Roji Trading Co., Ltd., said relative to general trade, more simplified customs clearance procedures, more convenient clearance Condition, lower export costs, greatly enhance the competitiveness of their foreign trade enterprises in the development of dual cycle, and the average single box saving logistics costs through market procurement channels, which is expected to reduce costs more than 1 million yuan.

This year, as the foreign trade market will gradually pick up, the company's order is also facing tensions in the ship, the sea is expensive, and the cost of logistics cost is high. In order to improve efficiency, speeding up customs clearance, Shaoxing Customs visited related companies to learn about the actual situation, innovation launched the "Japanese Qingmei Yun Monthly Reminder" system, that is, to release the goods, to release, the day, the same day, Doing timely check, do not weekend; and carry out "reap" at the end of each month, summarize the common list of common customs declaration errors, and report to customs declaration, foreign trade enterprises, reduce unnecessary retention due to operational mistakes.

Since the implementation of this system in March this year, the market procurement trade networking information platform is more active, and the average daily reservation of the vehicle is raised from 60 to 120. "Next, we will further optimize customs clearance process, continuously improve market purchase customs supervision capabilities, and expand the establishment of local departments, and maintain the platform and fast development." Shaoxing Customs related person in charge said, strive to serve better service Let more market merchants, SMEs participate in the development of Keqiao Foreign Trade Development.

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