[Polypropylene air-changing yarn is widely used]
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Polypropylene air-changing yarn has many varieties, complete colors and quality assurance. It also overcomes the wrinkles of natural flax, and is washable and easy to care.

Polypropylene air-changing yarncan be used to make spun silk, cotton-like or wool-like fabrics. Polypropylene air-changing yarn uses: all kinds of cloth, sofa, carpet fabric, rob yarn, fabric, color thread, chenille yarn, weaving And other handicraft fabrics have various colors and complete colors, and the quality is guaranteed for wide applications.

Polypropylene air-changing yarn has a natural appearance, irregular surface tops, particles and slub effects, as well as good color.

Polypropylene air-changing yarn can be used for weaving, warp-knitting, weft-knitting, making all kinds of clothing, outerwear, shirts, etc., and also making upholstery cloth, curtains, bedspreads, household appliances cover cloth.

The feel of the polypropylene air-changing silk product fabric is also great. It has the unevenness of natural linen, soft and comfortable to the touch, and can be washed with water and is easy to care for.

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