[Silkolus fiber function and prospects]
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Let us first understand a fiber. Silkolus fiber function and prospects

Silkolica protein fiber is a new biomass fiber made from silkworm pusca with natural cellulose to blend with polymer technology, chemical fiber spinning technology, bioengineering technology. During the processing, high-tech processes are used, so the fibers can be enriched in the surface of the fibers, forming the protein fibers of the core structure. The 18 kinds of amino acids contained in silkworm puscaism, which can resist ultraviolet rays and have advantages such as moisture absorption. At present, high-end knitted fabrics, underwear, socks, woven shirts, home textile fabrics, fillers, non-woven fabrics, etc.

Silkoli protein fiber is a composite well fiber developed in my country in recent years, with strong biological degradability, strong environmental protection, silkworm macusoplast filament, silk and viscose fiber, in a certain extent It is superior to silk, so there will be a high use value of silkworm macusopus adhesive filaments.

Silkworm woven fabrics can achieve both high simulation effects and more advantages over many aspects. Silkworm wuki fiber future in high-grade clothing fabrics, T-shirts, underwear, fabrics, bedding and high-grade decorative supplies, market application prospects.

Silkovyrin fiber fabric introduction

Silkworm printed fiber - high-grade T-shirt fabric

The raw material is used as a silk fiber, combed longweed cotton and silkworm keriscope, which can reduce the yarn cost while maintaining the functionality of silkworm pusca, increasing the yarn power, and improving yarn splicability. The smooth fiber is beautiful, soft in hand, good hygroscopicity, high dry and wetness, and high dry and wetness will further increase the quality of the yarn, thereby increasing the product grade of subsequent finished fabrics, and better play the medicinal function and characteristics of silkworm puphopicobulin.

Industry experts believe that the content of silkworm prolin fibers cannot be less than 15%, otherwise there is no good effect, so the proportion is 20%, after considering, the raw material and blending ratios are: silkworm kernels / Tianshi / Cotton 20: 30: 50.

Silkovyrin knit fabric

The development of silkworm pupa fibrous yarn varieties can meet people's requirements for clothing, underwear, bedding fabrics, environmental protection, comfort, and high-endization, to meet the needs of modern consumers, and have strong market competitiveness. With this fiber, yarn made of fabrics, gas permeability, strongly compared with the same tissue structure, long, hydraulic, wear resistance, and bending strength, etc., and the moisture absorbing rate and the silk and human Silk is quite, the product market prospect is optimistic.

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