[Wuhan Textile University Yu Dudi Industrial Research Institute was officially unveiled]
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Recently, Wuhan Textile University is officially unveiled, which marks a solid step forward in the high-quality development of all textile and apparel industries.

Wuhan Textile University Yuki Industrial Research Institute is due to the founding research and development institutions based on the development of the county people's government and Wuhan Textile University, the R & D team mainly relying on Wuhan Textile University Cowboy Engineering Technology Research Center . The Institute aims to fully promote the technology, fashion, green, high-quality development of Dudi Industry, will focus on the research and development, intelligent manufacturing, cleaning production, digital apparel design of denim, smart manufacturing, clean production, digital apparel design, etc. The core competitiveness, sustainable development capacity and resource allocation capabilities of the denim industry, guiding and assisting in the introduction of key technologies in the denim companies to help companies solve energy-saving and emission reduction and cleaning production, equipment in denim products. Common key technical issues such as operational efficiency and production management costs. At the same time, the research institute will also assist in the brand hatching, product standard construction, technical personnel training, and consult the industrial development and government decision-making.

In recent years, in Dugu County, we will build a platform for millions of industrial clusters, build a platform, grasp the investment, excellent service, strong support, and hire the experts team of China Apparel Industry Association to prepare the "Dubei County Textile and Apparel Industry Development Plan", "Top Ten Public Platforms" such as the construction of the intelligence base and the design center, and it has been invested in the construction of infrastructure construction such as 7.1 billion yuan to improve the construction of the park, electricity, roads, and promote the integration of the park production. In addition, the county is also actively working with the high school, the apparel industry association, building a platform carrier of the development of textile and apparel industries, introduced third-party scientific and technological innovation platforms such as Talent Cloud Platform, and "Double-in" activity is the way, " Classmates in the "series activities are propulsive, with the" love matching employment "model is landing method, gradually solve the problem of" finding people, choosing people, can't stay people ", to promote textile and apparel industries High quality development.

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