[Do you know what fabric of the base fabric?]
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What is a base fabric? What is the fabric of thebase fabric? The type of cloth material is one of the necessary materials for the production of waterproof cloth, while the strength indicators of the waterproof cloth depends on the base, which is not only wear-resistant, waterproof, sunscreen due to the base fabric and PVC resin. It also tensile, tear and crack.

Both of the base fabric:

Woven web

The woven base is a traditional process, which is intended to be interleaved, and the woven machine, the woven, the woven, the woven, jet, etc. The structure has a single latitude, single and double latitude, double vanda, double latitude and other multi-styles. Different latitude and weaving have different base fabrics, of course, the quality is different, its tensile, tear, and cracking strength is based on the warp and weft determination.

2. Double axial wovenbase fabric

The biaxially woven fabric, it is, and the weft filament is each layer, which is woven with the weft and weft using a two-way method using additional bundles. Such a base fabric is characterized by a fast speed, thin, and taking the strength of tensile tear.

Today, the waterproof cloth fish dragon is mixed, the price is different, the choice of good waterproof is not only the surface, but also pay more attention to the rack of your choice is the filament or short to weaving, the so-called goods should have its origin!

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