[Analysis of Scenery Index of March Cotton Textile Industry]
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In March, China's cotton textile boom index is 52.46, and the rebound is obvious. From the sub-index, except for the decline in the corporate confidence index, the raw material procurement index, the raw material stock index, the production index, the product sales index, the product stock index, the business index are rising in February, especially the production index rising. 10.21.

Raw material procurement index

In March, the raw material procurement index 54.12. From the market price, under the influence of the international epidemic rebound, the overexpressive economic policy of Europe and the United States, the relationship between China and the United States, the domestic and foreign cotton prices have shown a decline. The average value of Cotlooka index is 91.45 cents per pound, down 1.31 cents / lbs, 3128 cotton average price of 15972 yuan / ton, up 17 yuan / ton. In terms of chemical fiber, the price of viscosity is maintained in the middle and middle ends, and there is slight callback, and the whole price of polyester short fiber has a small decline. Specific data, the average price of mainstream viscose fibers in the month is 15589 yuan / ton, up 1149 yuan / ton from the previous month; 1.4D Digitally short average price is 7258 yuan / ton, up 162 yuan / ton. From the procurement of cotton texture, cotton procurement volume increased from 49.3%, higher than 29 percentage points higher than the falling enterprise; 41.41% increased by non-cotton fiber procurement volume, higher than falling enterprises It accounts for 20.2 percentage points.

Raw material inventory index

In March, the raw material inventory index 50.19, and the February index rose 0.02. On the month, Xinjiang cotton has been lowered in late February, and some textile companies have just needed to make up the library, increase cotton stocks, and cotton-producing air transportation wraps. Due to the large fluctuation of raw materials, other cotton textiles mainly use raw materials in addition to the prices of raw materials, and some companies have a heavy mood, so the enthusiasm is more popular, and the enthusiasm of the retention is lower than the Spring Festival. According to the China Cotton Textile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Cotton Cooperation") survey data, March, cotton stocks increased from 39.28%, and a declined enterprise in the previous month is 38.36%; non-cotton fiber stock Enterprises with rising from 38.49% from the top 100%, accounted for 35.63% of the company declined.

Production index

In March, the production index is 54.61, and the February index rises by 10.2. In the month, the company orders are sufficient, and the basic full load production. According to the research, the starting situation of spinning companies is slightly better than the weaving enterprise. In addition to the transformation of minorities, some machines are discontinued, and most enterprises spinning equipment will basically maintain 100%, and the weaving enterprise equipment is basically Maintained by more than 90%. In terms of production, in March increased the number of days, yarn and cloth yields increased significantly from February. According to the survey data, in March, the increase in the increase in the rising than 31.44% increased, the yarn production has increased from 71.31%, and the increase in the increase in cloth production is 70.33%.

Product sales index

In March, the product sales index 53.14. From the market price, after the price of cotton yarn rose to the highest point in early March, the price of falling in the upper reaches of the raw material price is stable, and the price is stable in the middle, and the shortest is slightly down, but the overall average price is still higher than February. Specific data, 32 pure cotton priege yarn monthly price 25251 yuan / ton, up 715 yuan / ton, pure cotton fabric (32 * 32 130 * 70 2/1 47 "twill) monthly price 6.06 yuan / ton, Up to 0.46 yuan / meters from the order, according to the situation, according to the investigation, the spinning enterprise orders can be basically rushed to 4-5 months, and the amount of weaving enterprises is about 1 month. The survey data shows that the yarn sales volume increased The ratio was 70.38%, and the proportion of cloth sales volume increased was 68.33%.

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