[What are the varieties of polypropylene empty variables?]
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Apopular empty wire feedstock: PP

Polypropylene empty shifting advantages: light specific gravity, high strength, corrosion resistance, not mildew, good warm, strong core, sweat-absorbent, hard work.

The basic characteristics of polypropylene empty filaments are the same as the polypropylene filaments, light, acid and alkali, colorful, not humidity.

Apadally empty wire use: can be used for woven, edited, weft, manufacturing various clothing, outer clothes, shirts, etc., can also make interior decorative fabrics, curtains, bedspreads, household appliances; industrial filter cloth, tire curtain Line, fishnet, sewing thread, etc., all according to the specifications of the product (fiber-thveraproprid air filament advantages: light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-mold, good warm, suction, absorption core, soft hand feel soft .

Delicad empty varieties, complete color, quality assurance. The basic characteristics are the same as polypropylene filament, light resistance, acid and alkali, color, not moisture .. Acrylic characteristics: appearance natural, surface irregular hair, pattern, bamboo festival effect, good color .. Natural linen and soft The touch, also overcomes natural linen fold, wash, easy to care.

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