[Analysis of the Market Operation of Textile and Apparel Majors in 2020]
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2020 is a very extraordinary year in the history of New China. Under the dual challenge of severe and complicated international situation and arduous domestic reform and development tasks, it has suffered from the serious impact of new coronal pneumonia epidemic, and the uncertain factors have given to my country. Economic and social development has brought an unprecedented test. my country's textile and clothing professional market is under unprecedented pressure, activates innovative potential, through active innovation and development initiatives and steady epidemic prevention and control measures, gradually restore production, stabilize merchants, pioneering channels, innovative models, and protect the market Steady operation, in the second quarter, a stable recovery is achieved in the second quarter, and the three-quarter turnover is growing, and the annual decline in the fourth quarter is narrowed to 5%, and it is not easy to answer.

In 2020, there were 925 textile and garment professional markets in Wanping Milters in China. The total market totals reached 2.28 trillion yuan, down 2.22% year-on-year; 46 market business districts with key monitoring of China Textile Federation Branch of 134.7.783 billion yuan The year-on-year increased by 4.93%, showing the two pole differentiation of the textile and garment professional market.

According to the statistics of circulation branch, 925 textile and garment professional markets in Wanping meter in my country in 2020 were 0.33% year-on-year; the market operating area reached 76,186,100 square meters, an increase of 0.16% year-on-year; the number of market shops was 142.19 million, 0.08% year-on-year; market merchants The quantity was 11.549 million, an increase of 0.09% year-on-year; the total market has reached 2.28 trillion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 2.22%.

Total scale. In 2015-2020, the number of textile and garment of the textile and apparel, total business area, total shop, the number of total merchants, and the overall operation of the total business area. Since the advantage of the industry with quality competition, the central city's core urban professional market movement and transformation, the increase in rationality of new market investment, the growth rate of total scale is shrinking year by year; in 2020, it is affected by new crown pneumonia, market The volume is basically the same in 2019, no significant increase. Overall, the total amount of professional markets in Wanping meter is rising year by year, and the increase will slow down year by year.

The turnover growth rate. In 2015-2020, the total number of professional markets has increased in the year of 2.11%, 2.81%, 5.12%, 3.85%, 1.08%, - 2.22% year-on-year. The growth rate gradually slowed, and two consecutive years have been continued since 2019. Decline.

New market. In 2020, there were 3 textile and apparel markets for the newly opened Wanping meter. The total investment in the new opening professional market was 900 million yuan, and the total construction area of the new opening professional market was 160,000 square meters.

Running efficiency. 2020, the textile and garment professional market is limited to 16.037 million yuan / store, down 2.30% year-on-year; the merchant efficiency is 2.31% year-on-year; market efficiency is 29,931.86 yuan / square meter, down 2.38% year-on-year.

Key monitoring market. From January to December 2020, the total number of 46 textile and apparel markets (including market groups) with key monitoring of circulation branch reached 134.783 billion yuan, up 4.93% year-on-year. Among them, 35 market turnover decline, with an average of 15.32%; 10 market turnover increased year-on-year, with an average increase of 20.50%; 1 market turnover is flat with 2019. From the market operation efficiency, the average operating efficiency of 46 key monitoring markets is 60535.59 yuan / square meter, up 4.6262 million yuan / store, averaged 4.44% year-on-year; the average merchant efficiency is 514.65 One hundred yuan per household, up 4.87% year-on-year. Key monitoring market efficiency, shop efficiency, business efficiency is much higher than the average of the national textile and apparel market.

In terms of boom. In 2020, the market manager of textile and apparel is basically consistent with merchants. From January to February, it is affected by the new coronal pneumonia, the national market boom has fallen to the lowest point of history; in March, with the stability of the epidemic prevention and control work and the orderly advancement of the recovery production, the Jingqi index begins to rise. . However, in the first half of the professional market boom index continues to repeated, market managers and merchants have insufficient confidence in market operations and future development; in the second half of the year, my country's textile and apparel market ushered in the year's sales of sales, online online convergence , Domestic trade foreign trade integration development, wholesale and retail fusion development, achieved the growth of the sales, and the polar index rebounded. In 2020, the professional market manager's Jingqi index is 43.31, and the average of the merchant's Jingqi index is 45.02, and the two averages are below 50 glory lines. Compared with the decline in 2019, the merchant pole index is slightly High than the manager of the manager.

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