[Xiangnan Textile Industry Base Revitalization County Economic Economy]
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The Xiangnan Textile Industry Base is an important base for the transfer of coastal industries. At present, the project is being promoted. After all investment operations, the annual output of clothing can reach 1.5 billion, and the annual output value is 100 billion yuan, will drive 100,000 employment.

In the Xiangnan Textile Industry Base Clothing Park, the first phase of the assembly plant project has been basically completed, and the first 4 companies staying in the production. Changning Kangjie Clothing Co., Ltd. is the first batch of denim apparel companies from Guangdong to Xiangnan Textile Industry Base, and now produce 6,000 denim costumes, and the products are exported to Europe and America market.

At present, there are 31 enterprises in the park, and nearly 300 textile interested in the country.

The Xiangnan Textile Industry Base (Phase I) project is mainly composed of two blocks of clothing production parks and environmental protection facilities. At present, the first phase of the textile industry base has been basically completed.

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