[Representatives of textile and garment industry talk about their feelings]
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For the future development of China's clothing industry, clothing brands should bring consumers a better experience in terms of quality and price.

   First of all, companies need to strengthen their own adjustments. They can create products that can be recognized by the market faster by strengthening original product design, integrating Chinese culture and local characteristic culture. In addition, China's outstanding clothing brands also need to "go global" to form greater international influence.

   Secondly, companies must improve their management models, increase development efficiency, reduce product costs, and create a more convenient consumption environment and a more comfortable shopping atmosphere to guide the return of consumption.

   Regarding the above suggestions, I believe that on the one hand, the internal adjustment and transformation of apparel companies are needed to adapt to the current market changes. On the other hand, relevant government departments need to support and improve at the policy level to help apparel companies develop better.

   In the critical period of adjustment and transformation of China's apparel industry, both the innovation and development of enterprises and the structural adjustment of the industry will face difficulties and challenges. I always believe that the Chinese apparel industry will overcome challenges and achieve surpassing. I am full of confidence in the future development of China's apparel industry.

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