[How to apply polypropylene high-strength yarn to cloth?]
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The details of polypropylene high-strength yarns used in cloth are as follows:

The geotextile woven with polypropylene high-strength silk is suitable for engineering projects such as roads, railways, airports, seawalls, canals, reservoirs, harbors and bridges. It has no need to cut navigation, build cofferdams, dams and drain water, and is fast, efficient, and investment. The advantages of low cost, good quality, etc., especially when the load is large, woven geotextiles are more unique than non-woven geotextiles.

Utilizing the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, non-absorption, light weight, good stability, and good filter stripping, it can be made into high-strength polypropylene filter cloth, which is mainly used in metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical industry, light industry, and food. , Environmental protection and other industries.

Therefore, geotextile woven with polypropylene high-strength silk can be said to be an indispensable product for infrastructure projects.

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