[How to divide the carpet base cloth according to the use function?]
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How to divide the carpet base fabric according to the use function? Carpet base fabrics are used in many fields, whether it is industrial, commercial, or household use. Then how to divide the carpet base fabric according to the use function? Get up and take a look.

  1) Industrial carpet

  Industrial carpets are used both at home and abroad, but they are only used for decoration of cars, trains, airplanes, and passenger ships.

   2) Commercial carpet

   broadly refers to all carpets other than household and industrial carpets. Commercial carpets are also limited to hotels, restaurants, hotels, offices and office buildings in my country.

In some Western developed countries such as the United States, commercial carpet fabrics are used in theaters, airport terminals, schools, supermarkets, nursing homes, wharf halls, nurseries, and station waiting halls in addition to the places mentioned above. It is widely used and gradually progresses with the continuous development of the economy.

   The use of commercial carpets will continue to increase, and the coverage will be more extensive.

  3) Household carpet

Everyone knows this, which refers to household carpets. In my country, household carpets still remain at the stage of carpets, because most of the households in my country are still decorated with wooden floors, while in Western developed countries, household carpets are mainly used. Based on the combination of full floor and block carpet, carpet paving is almost indispensable for every home decoration. With the rapid development of our country’s economy and the renewal of concept preferences, more and more families with conditions will use carpets. .

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