[What problems should be paid attention to in the production or use of polypropylene high-strength yarn?]
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Polypropylene high-strength yarn can be used to knit all kinds of knitwear such as socks, gloves, sweaters, knitted pants, dishcloths, mosquito nets, quilts, warm fillers, wet diapers, etc. Carpets, fishing nets, canvas, hoses, concrete reinforcement materials, etc.

  The production or use of polypropylene high-strength yarns inevitably have some attention problems. So when we use polypropylene high-strength yarns, what issues should we pay attention to?

    Polypropylene high-strength yarn melts near the flame and is flammable. It burns slowly from the fire and emits black smoke. The upper end of the flame is yellow and the lower end is blue, emitting a smell of oil. After burning, the ashes are hard round light yellow brown particles, which are easily broken by hand twist. Due to the simple production process, the product has the advantages of low price, high strength and light relative density. It is now the fourth largest variety of synthetic fibers, and it is the lighter fiber among common chemical fibers. However, it has poor thermal stability, is not resistant to sunlight, and is prone to aging and brittle damage. Therefore, anti-aging agents are often added to polypropylene. Polypropylene is a rising star among synthetic fibers, and its scientific name is polypropylene fiber. His production process is simple, including "single-step spinning" and "two-step spinning". Using propylene as the raw material, it is polymerized, and the raw material is modified, melt spinning, spinning melt filtering, blowing cooling, winding, and making fiber. Compared with the production process of "two-step spinning", "single-step spinning" has the characteristics of less land occupation, fewer people, and low cost. The problem is that the high-strength color polypropylene fiber produced by the "single-step spinning" process is low in strength.

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