[2020-a good time to join the fabric spot supermarket?]
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In recent years, there are more and more fabric spot supermarkets on the market, which has become a major trend.

 In 2020, the outbreak of the new crown epidemic caused a large amount of spare productivity on the market and accelerated this process. According to traditional experience, fabric supermarkets sell more conventional products such as pongee, polyester taffeta, and imitation silk, which are relatively low-cost but have very broad applicability. However, new products will appear in 2020. Some fabric supermarkets have some other characteristics.

1. Products blooming

   Different from the previous fabric supermarkets selling some conventional products, some of the fabric supermarkets newly joined this year sell some of the fabrics with certain technical content such as stretch fabrics, ultra-high density pongee and T8.

   Xiaobian also interviewed the head of a newly established fabric company this year. He said that the market situation last year was not so good. This year, affected by the new crown epidemic, orders have become more rare, which has led to excessive inventory in the warehouse. The establishment of a fabric supermarket needs to invest a lot of money in inventory, and this year because of its own market and cheap raw material prices, the sunk cost of this investment has been greatly reduced.

   Therefore, in terms of products, companies often launch their own products that have sold best in the past and have made the most mature products, so there is no shortage of relatively high-end products.

2. Relatively limited scale

   Some of the spot supermarkets newly established this year often rely on their own factories and have limited production capacity. The main purpose of the initial establishment was to digest their own inventory. There are also some reasons for the new establishment. In short, the scale is often not particularly large and the number of products is not large.

 This part of the cloth bosses still has a mentality of "crossing the river by feeling the stones", so they will not invest too much money at once, and they will mainly digest their own factory capacity.

3. Order quality

  Since abandoning the "big and complete" and choosing the "small and beautiful" path, the company will naturally put a lot of effort into product quality. In fact, quality is the least worrying issue for such companies.

Even if a fabric supermarket removes most of the inventory cost, the investment required basically exceeds one million. If it can spend the remaining money to invest under the epidemic, it is basically a high-quality enterprise that we think of in the traditional sense. And these textile companies often "have two brushes."

   Now that the fabric supermarket has just opened, it is the time to gain word of mouth. Quality is naturally the first priority in the eyes of textile companies and will not relax in this regard. In fact, the quality of these spot supermarket fabrics is basically the same as the quality of previous orders.

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