[Foreign trade orders are warming up, Xinjiang cotton may move closer to medium and high grades]
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n the past few days, the number of confirmed cases of the domestic epidemic has remained above 100, and most of them are confirmed cases in Xinjiang. As a result, the prevention and control of the epidemic in Xinjiang is expected to be further strengthened. At present, both the movement of people and the transportation of vehicles in Xinjiang are restricted to varying degrees, and the industry is most concerned about the recent cotton outbound situation in Xinjiang.

  According to the feedback from some cotton warehouses in Xinjiang, the current export volume of lint has been steadily declining slightly. Because it is the off-season, the overall volume remains stable. Now some warehouses have suspended automobile transportation business, and railway transportation has basically remained normal. According to feedback from some intermediate trade companies, recently yarn mills have relatively good demand for mid-to-high-end Xinjiang cotton, especially the double 28 or above Corps machine picking cotton. The purchasing frequency and quantity have increased, and many companies have also raised their sales basis by 100-200. RMB/ton range. According to feedback from some purchasers, the rotation of reserve cotton has supplemented part of the low-end market demand. With the supplementary supply of real estate cotton and Indian cotton, the pace of transactions in the low-end market is relatively stable. However, with the rebound of foreign trade orders, some enterprises have increased their orders, and the order yarns are biased towards the mid-to-high end, which has significantly increased the digestion of high-quality Xinjiang cotton. Therefore, the replenishment of high-grade lint has been increased to varying degrees. Due to concerns about the blockage of Xinjiang cotton, the shipments of high-quality resources from some warehouses in the Mainland have also increased accordingly.

According to the person in charge of a warehouse in the mainland, Xinjiang Auto Transport has been affected by the epidemic, and fire transport will become the main transportation force. It is expected that the railway transportation of Xinjiang cotton from Xinjiang will increase significantly in August. At the same time, traders will move the warehouse to mid-high to meet the cotton demand of mainland enterprises. The enthusiasm for grade cotton will also increase. If the foreign trade market continues to rebound in September, it will have a strong support for the domestic high-grade Xinjiang cotton price. However, how the macro market changes and how the Xinjiang epidemic develops will have an important impact on it. Therefore, companies must not only prevent risks, but also purchase raw materials on the premise of preparing budgets.

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